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How does Dickens ' a Christmas Carol' depict the ways in which Christmas was celebrated in this time?

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How does Dickens ' a Christmas Carol' depict the ways in which Christmas was celebrated in this time? For the first 8 years of Charles Dickens life it snowed every Christmas, setting a perfect picture in dickens mind to start a novel about the true meaning of Christmas and a perfect picture to all his readers. In the 1800's, Christmas was so much more than gifts and a meal. Dickens tries to show the differences of then and now and defiantly proved his point! When Christmas came in the 1800's, people had a chance to get together and spend the holidays with the one's they love and share there comfort and appreciation towards their family and friends. Dickens tried to show two sides of the story, in this novel it's the rich and the poor. He uses scrooge as the rich but hated man in London, and how he felt about the less fortunate, Bob Cratchit and his family are poor but still know that Christmas is a time for generosity and sharing. ...read more.


You're poor enough." He did not understand why a poor person could care so much and want to help others when they can not help them selves. He had no Family with whom he wanted to spend time, he didn't see why anyone would want to, even though Bob Crathit was treated badly but still managed to make a toast to his boss, thanking him. Even though his family didn't agree and hated the man. Scrooge would never show compassion to them. The towns and cities in Britain in the 1800'ss were completely different from today, hygiene was not a great issue back then, the rubbish would be thrown onto the streets. Towns were small, dirty and compressed. Rich people looked down on that and thought nothing of the poor, "are there no prisons2 the rich were only happy just as long as the didn't have to see the less fortunate. The rich thought they were below them. They more fortunate were a lot more different. ...read more.


Today on the other Christmas has change a great deal. It is more commercial than before and a money making scheme and less thoughtful. Children today are not taught or raised with the true meaning of Christmas "the birth of Jesus Christ" even though it may put a smile on children's faces while unwrapping his/her presents and they get a 2 week holiday from school, that's not why Christmas is still here today. The Christmas card images is a snowy white Christmas night with families together and carol singers the traditional day it is hardly seen like that any more, but when asked what is Christmas those thoughts always come to mind. Dickens has left us all with the best thing, a picture we will never forget, and has passed on the message as well. To give love out to those less fortunate than yourself. He wanted there to be no boundaries and no classes and there still is today they may have changed a little but we need to forget all the little things and celebrate Christmas with our families. ...read more.

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