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How Does Having Religious Artefacts around the Home Affect the Life of a Jew?

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How Does Having Religious Artefacts Around the Home Affect the Life of a Jew? There are many religious artefacts in the average Jewish person's home. These can range from clothing (tzitzit, yarmulke, tefillin), books (siddurim, study books), and general objects (mezuzot, chanukiah, dreidals, Shabbat candles). ...read more.


You would think, maybe, about what you are doing. Why are you kissing the mezuzah? Since you have stopped to do this, it would make you feel suddenly as if you have more time to think and ask yourself what you are doing. Having objects like a siddur would automatically make sure there is a special place for it, and you would take time to ensure there is nothing except another siddur on top of it. ...read more.


When you see religious artefacts around your home, you can usually remember something connected to them, or think about them. You check they are where they should be, and you stop to think about them. They can make you a more reflective person, and make you think things through. They can also bring a certain holiness to your house. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Nana Mickey ...read more.

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