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How far do the Jewish scriptures support the view that God created humanity for a purpose?

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How far do the Jewish scriptures support the view that God created humanity for a purpose? At the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis where we read the creation stories, written by the Priestly and by the Jahwist. The Priestly who wrote the first creation story tell us of how God made the world in seven days and how he was all powerful. The second creation story, written by the Jahwist, tells us of God making man and then woman. These stories may seem different but their message is the same, Gods reason for creating humanity was for us to look after and protect the Earth. In the creation story we see God as the sole creator of the world, he made the world exactly how he wanted it and so it was perfect. When God made the world, everything he made was good he did not make a single thing in it, which was bad, and therefore he made man perfect as well. At the beginning of creation man was perfect but through free choice given to us by God many people turned away and that was the beginning of The Fall. ...read more.


A further reason for God creating us is found in Gen 1:26-27 where it is written 'Let us make humanity in our own image, after our likeness;... So God created humanity in his own image; in the image of God he created it; male and female he created them'. Our likeness of God makes us special; it shows our relationship with him, it also shows that we have a physical, spiritual and moral likeness to God. He made us to be like him and sending Jesus to us he again showed us what he wants us to be like. Karl Barth once wrote, 'He would not be man if he were not the image of God. He is the image of God in the fact that he is man'. Not even sin can take that away from us as God always shows his forgiveness and brings us back. The Fall of humanity shows exactly how God is our salvation. It shows how the world can not exist without God. Matthew O'Keeffe says 'God's creation would cease to exist if he did not continue to keep it in existence...All things that exist or function in any way do so with the co-operation of God'. ...read more.


He is telling them how to lead a good life and if you do this you will live an eternal life in heaven with God. This is another example of God sustaining the world and his people; he tries to help us by telling us how we should live thus protecting us from following evil. This shows us yet again of Gods power, the highlighting of humanities flaws makes prominent the supremacy and goodness of God. It was Gods divine initiative that caused the whole of creation to begin, he was the first cause and it was through him that all things were made. In both Genesis and Joshua we see Gods omnipotence when we see him effortlessly create the world and man, then in Joshua where he helps the Israelites defeat the Amorites. In Exodus where God gives Moses the commandments to help the people lead a better life, God had a purpose for us and gave us the commandments to help us achieve that purpose. Jurgen Moltmann wrote 'The human being is God's indirect manifestation on earth', what this tells us is that God created us to be his representatives here on Earth and therefore, by going against God we are going against Gods plan for the world and creation. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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