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How far does the film 'whose life is it anyway' succeed in persuading you that euthanasia ought to be legalised in this country? What persuasive techniques are employed in the film and how effective are they?

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How far does the film 'whose life is it anyway' succeed in persuading you that euthanasia ought to be legalised in this country? What persuasive techniques are employed in the film and how effective are they? What is life? Where do you draw the line between life and death? The film 'whose life is it anyway' explores the issues of life and death. To whom does your life belong? The powerful argument and sensitive issue is whether your life belongs to you. The film shows some aspects for and against euthanasia. The controversy is whether an incapacitated man can decided whether his mind should be kept alive. Would you agree with the argument that a man who cannot move any limbs should have the choice whether to die or be kept alive through millions of pounds? What is euthanasia? The intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit. If the death is not intended, it is not an act of euthanasia. Ask yourself would you agree to let your pain and suffering come to an end? ...read more.


Would you waste your time cheering up a clinically depressed man when he's applying to die? I know that I would have given up on Ken long before the West Indian orderly. They attempt to cheer him up by taking him down to the basement. 'Where are you taking me?' the suspense of not knowing where they are taking ken, cheers him up. However not for long. The West Indian orderly takes the opportunity to hopefully make ken realise that his life is worth living. They take him down to the basement and perform a couple of hip songs whilst watching him smoke 'dope'. You might be asking yourself what is the point in this scene? Why has the director put this scene in the film? It makes ken realise he will never be able to dance with woman any more. Yet again another reason ken feels his life is not worth living. Every slight thing anyone does to try and cheer him up pushes ken closer to wanting to die. Its just showing another thing he can't do, another reason to die. ...read more.


Other people may call this murder. Euthanasia is therefore not about the right to die. But about the right to kill. But who has power over you? The government? Does the government therefore have the right to make people suffer? Euthanasia is sometimes considered as "medical treatment." If it is considered as 'good' medical treatment to a healthy person, the person therefore requesting it is too young or mentally incapacitated. However people have different opinions and to a healthy person it might not be considered as 'good' medical treatment. However wouldn't euthanasia only be at a patient's request? Isn't death sometimes the only way to relieve constant pain? But what if you somehow can't commit suicide and you would have to under go an act of euthanasia? Why cant euthanasia be the same as suicide? After all you get the same outcome. Death. Having said this suicide isn't against the law, why should it be illegal to help someone commit suicide. Committing an act of euthanasia? Since euthanasia takes place anyway, isn't it better to legalize them so they'll be practiced under careful guidelines, making positive that none of them go wrong? I mean whose life is it anyway? ...read more.

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