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How has life changed for ordinary people since A Christmas Carol was written?

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How has life changed for ordinary people since A Christmas Carol was written? A Christmas Carol was written by the author Charles Dickens in 1843. It is a story of a man called Scrooge who is a very miserable and selfish. His attitude causes three spirits to visit him to help him change into a better person and bring happiness to him and other people. Life in Victorian Britain was far less luxurious and technical than life we live today as we can see through looking at A Christmas Carol. Things we take for granted now, such as running hot water, central heating, cheap electricity, modern transport and other everyday items either weren't invented then or were too expensive for most people in the Victorian era to afford. The lifestyles of the Victorians and how we live today have changed dramatically. In the Victorian times to see poor people in the streets was very common. (1) "a party of ragged men and boys were gathered." Poor people would gather in the streets, sometimes warming themselves by a fire, trying to enjoy each others company and their lives, even though they had nothing. Today a poor person living on the streets is not so common. ...read more.


This is to make sure workers are not paid too poorly. If a worker works more time than they are contracted to they are paid overtime. Victorian houses were very small, in poor houses there would be a whole family cramped into one room. In the room there would be all their possessions, including their cooking utensils, bathing materials and all other items. They did not have proper fresh water to drink, some houses did not have running water in their house. They had to go and queue up at the nearest pump in the early morning. Some houses had no proper toilet facilities and would have to use a pot. The houses were built poorly. (6) "The walls are only half a brick thick (4 inches) They are built back to back like a honey comb." This made the houses very cold and they were unprotected from the weather. The middle class houses were fairly big and were comfortable and tidy all the time. Middle class people would have maids to help keep their house in shape and to cook and serve up their food, but the servants were treated poorly. (7) "I haven't much faith in these young housekeepers" They were wealthy enough to afford electricity, which was very expensive and rare in these times. ...read more.


The Christmas spirit seems to have been continued through the years, to try to bring happiness to everyone on the same day. I think that life for us now has changed for the better and is much easier. I have found out that human nature is the one part of our lives that has not changed. I think this as today we still stop and chat in the street with one another about normal everyday things. (11) "Good afternoon and a Happy New Year." This is something you would say if you saw someone you knew in the street. I think the way we live our lives is the only part of our lives which is different from then to now. Victorians value different items from which we value now. The items, which we value now, are to make our lives easier and to be more enjoyable. The items Victorians valued were the items which were needed to run their lives properly. I think all that has changed is everything has modernised through time. I don't think our attitude to people has changed. Victorians and people today still have similar attitudes. They think more about their own lives than those who are less well off than themselves. Those who have more are not usually prepared to share in order to make everyone's lives better. ...read more.

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