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How important in the celebration of the Eucharist is the remembrance of the Last Supper.

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Christians today are reminded of the Last Supper each time they celebrate Holy Communion. How important in the celebration of the Eucharist is the remembrance of the Last Supper. I think that the celebration of the Eucharist is important in the remembrance of the Last Supper because to many Christians it is the central ceremony of their worshiping life. It is a memorial of Jesus' last meal before he died. By sharing in a simple meal of bread and wine, Christian's remember the saving power of Jesus' death and resurrection as members of the family of the Church. Jesus shared a meal with his disciples on the evening before he died. ...read more.


Sharing the bread and wine of the Eucharist is the way in which Christians remember Christ's saving death and resurrection, and celebrate being members together of the world wide church. The Passover was what Jesus and his disciples were celebrating together and during the supper Jesus made a sacrifice. He took a piece of bread, gave a prayer of thanks, broke it and gave it to his disciples and said, "Take this", he said, "This is my body". Then he took a cup of wine, gave thanks to God, handed it to his disciples and said, "Drink this. This is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many. ...read more.


The body and blood of Jesus are offered as sacrifice but this does not mean that Jesus is being sacrificed afresh every time the Eucharist is celebrated. There was only one sacrifice and that was the death of Jesus on the cross. What it does mean is that the one and only sacrifice of Jesus is made present. It is represented in the bread and wine of the mass. When Jesus said, "Do this as a memorial of me", is not interpreted as simply meaning 'in memory of '. The words are interpreted in the sense of 'doing it', as though it were the first time. When the celebrants receive the bread and wine they believe that they are really receiving the body and blood of Jesus. Just as Jesus' disciples did at the Last Supper. ...read more.

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