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How insignificant is human life when compared to the vastness of the universe?

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How insignificant is human life when compared to the vastness of the universe? No one as yet is to come up with one meaning for life, many people and religions have many different ideas and views, but to date there has been no 'true' meaning. If we do not know why we are here then how can we make an impact, we cannot be as important as many of us believe if we do not what we should be doing. The current situation with global warming demonstrates how destructive human life is; it also shows the effect caused by everyday activities. Human life can't be that insignificant if they have destroyed so much. ...read more.


contrast reveals his greatness" Christians may agree with this and say that the fact that the universe is so immense shows how magnificent and talented God must have been to create it and the fact that God created man "in the image of himself" proves how important they must be. If using the Big Bang theory, then the universe is still expanding and will continue to expand. Earth is not the only planet and the Earth is only in one galaxy, there could be many more galaxies beyond us, meaning there could be many more planets and stars, possibly other life, even intelligent life. Some argue that there has been no other life found and so therefore we must be the only intelligent life here, but it could just be we do not have the advanced technology needed, some could say that we are not intelligent enough to discover other life forms. ...read more.


Landing on the moon was considered an achievement, yet why, when there is probably so much more unexplored space outside of our galaxy? On Earth there are MEDCs (more economically developed cities) and LEDCs (less economically developed cities), LEDCs being less technologically advanced as MEDCs. It is possible that on a larger scale the universes and planets are the same, Our universe could be considered a 'third world' universe when compared to other planets with life that are more intelligent than us, we are so behind that we have no way of finding, or contacting them. It has been said that "Even if alien life is limited to microscopic organisms, astrobiologists say the discovery will change human society in profound ways." If just some amoeba can drastically change human life then maybe we can affect things on a wider scale than we think we can. ...read more.

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