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How merciful is mercy killing?

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How merciful is mercy killing? By euthanasia is understood an action or an omission which itself or by intention causes death, in order that all suffering may be eliminated. Euthanasia is one of the most controversial topics in the public's opinion. The question of euthanasia must be answered from an ethical standpoint. Our Creator God has concluded the number of days we are to live on this earth, He created us in his image and declared all human life precious. Therefore we are at no liberty whatsoever to take the life of any innocent human being no matter what conditions they may fall under. Once it has been decided that there are some conditions that should make it possible to legally take a human life, then murder becomes a slippery slope. ...read more.


If euthanasia were to become legal world wide it would send a message to the vulnerable people, elderly, sick, depressed or distressed, that they can request an early death as an easy way out. These people however should be encouraged by care and support of life and not seek death. Our leaders should strengthen the rights of the vulnerable in our society, their right to be protected form the pressure to end their own lives. Their right to live the last days of their lives with love and care from their families and caregivers, without the presence of euthanasia looming over them, casting a shadow of fear and suspicion in the last years of their life. Correlated with the problem of euthanasia is the question of living wills. ...read more.


This is a violation of the divine law, an offence against the dignity of the human person, a crime against life and an attack on humanity. In conclusion once euthanasia is legalised it will not only be the dying that will want this merciful end but others. Soon pain free patients who feel that their medical condition leaves them with no real quality of life, depressed teenagers, the mentally ill, handicapped children whose parents wish them to be dead, infants with severe disabilities will all be killed unnecessarily. We do not have the right to take the life of someone nor authorise it for it was not us who made life but God and He is the only one with the authority to take back what He gave us. Christianne Pollonais Lower 6 ...read more.

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