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How might a Christian best fulfil his/her responsibilities to the world?

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B. How might a Christian best fulfil his/her responsibilities to the world? There are many things a Christian can do to fulfil his/her responsibilities, mostly set my God, to the world. However the first thing that any Christian has to do in order to help others is to educate themselves about the issues which different people are facing. This may be far a field or it may be closer to home. A Christian can educate themselves in a number of ways: * Through the news and newspapers. This is how we learn about crisis such as the recent war in Iraq and the current post war problems, the suffering people of Iran following the devastating earthquake that killed thousands and has left the survivors homeless and grief-stricken. Also through television programs such as the Christmas Ground Force. Christians can learn about the problems facing the very poorest countries like Ethiopia and what they can do through the work of charities already out to help these people further. * Through advertising, again in newspapers, magazines, on television, in shop windows or organisations such as Oxfam, Christians are made aware of specific issues/problems and how they can help either through giving money and or/giving their time. * Through their Churches, guest speakers, possibly missionaries will be invited to speak again on specific issues and how they as a congregation can help. There will be specific charity weeks supported by Churches to raise awareness of the work of specific groups like Christian Aid, CAFOD and different events during these weeks will hopefully attract more people and encourage more sponsorship. ...read more.


Many Christians try to use their relative wealth wisely by buying goods supplied by Fair Trade schemes. These ensure that workers in developing countries earn a fair wage for their work and are not exploited. Often through Fair Trade villages and communities in developing countries are also provided with schools and health centres. This year Ethiopia will be prevalent in the media because it is twenty years since Bob Geldof's live aid concert. This concert was held to raise money for the many who have been struck by the famine. The problems of Ethiopia are typical of the problems faced by many developing countries- disasters like famine, corrupt governments, over population, aids etc. Twenty years on many would argue that very little has changed, all we have done is keep people alive. The issue then remains how do we improve the quality of life. Perhaps we can't, perhaps as some would argue Ethiopia is a dying country. However there are many who would not accept this view and would say it is up to us, via charities like, Concern, Christian Aid to persist- to begin small and to hope that small changes will eventually lead to bigger changes. The Christmas edition of Ground Force made the point that you can make a big difference to a small community. They produced a wonderful garden with seating areas, play areas, banana trees, Chicken Coups and vegetable gardens. ...read more.


which is against nuclear weapons and a variety of ecology groups which work hard for a greener Britain. Christians can be particularly affective in the local community through the work of their own churches. Many are particularly supportive to the elderly which is usually a very needy group of people. Members of the congregation will organise activities for them, clubs, outings, having them round for meals, taking them to and from church, visiting them etc. The Church however, will seek to meet the needs of all its congregation, mother and toddler groups, youth groups, outside speakers etc. All Christians believe strongly in the power of prayer. This is the way that they communicate with God. Prayer can be offered in two ways, by the individual or by the church community. Prayer brings comfort and hope although Christians accept that their prayers may not always be answered in the way that they would expect. They realise that they can not possibly hope to see the bigger picture, only God can do that and they must have faith that God will do the right thing. So in conclusion, you can see that there are many ways a Christian might carry out his/her responsibilities towards the world. A Christian would always try to fulfil their responsibilities towards the world and towards their own family etc to the best of their ability. There are endless ways in which a Christian can help the world and so there is no excuse for them not to! Emily Foley 11IHG Religious Studies Coursework ...read more.

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