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How Might a Roman Catholic put these beliefs into practice in there daily live in your answer refer to the work of CAFOD or Trociare.

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How Might a Roman Catholic put these beliefs into practice in there daily live in your answer refer to the work of CAFOD or Trociare One aspect of putting these believes into practice and probable the most common is believe in the power of prayer. Many Catholics pray for others in need, asking God to intervene on behalf of those who are less fortunate than us. Other people believe that by joining a religious order and by doing missionary work overseas that they are doing there bit to help others. Many people who do this work usually join for live and devote there live to helping others. You can go over for day's weeks or months at a time, every little helps. ...read more.


There are many charities that people can give money to. The main charities around my country are CAFOD and Trociare In 1962 the catholic bishops in England and Wales set up an organisation to help the poor people in countries less fortunate than their own. It was called CAFOD, which stood for catholic fund for overseas Development. Cafod's projects have tried to help the causes as well as the symptoms of disease, ignorance and starvation. The goal of the organisation is to: `promote human development and social justice to the Christian faith and gospel values.' Cafod supports well over 500 different projects in more than 75 countries. One aspect of CAFOD's work is in environmental and farming aid. ...read more.


One of the major causes of poverty is third world debt. Where countries are repaying loans they have to cut the budget on important things like education. CAFOD believes that some of the debts of countries should be written off so they can make a fresh start. They believe that because of the high debts that these countries have they will never be able to support themselves. They campaign on debt and ask powerful money-lending organisations to change their policies in order to help with preventing third world debt. By supporting this charity and other charities that do this work Catholics are fulfilling their promise to serve God. Jesus was the one that said `by helping the least of my brothers you are helping me'. In conclusion this is how a Catholic's could put there believes into practice in there daily lives in an easy but effect way. ...read more.

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