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How Prejudice and Discrimination Affects Our Modern Day Society.

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Re Course Work 2002: John Tatum 11M Question 1: Introduction: In this piece of course work I will be evaluating how prejudice and discrimination affects our modern day society. Prejudice and discrimination can be shown in many different ways. Such as colour, race and gender. So In this piece of course work I have chosen to talk about colour or race as an issue in society. This is because colour or racism is a moral issue in today's society. People today seem to have an objection toward people of another colour or of a different race. Definitions of discrimination are people being rude or of an offensive manor toward people of different colours and people from a different race. Treating these people differently and seeing them as a animal and not as a human being. This can be very offensive and morally objective in today's modern society. The word prejudice means being unfair/horrible and offensive. This is for no reason at all. People often disvalue that persons opinion and disregards them completely. Prejudice is often around in today's society and can even spread from large to small towns or villages. ...read more.


Racial discrimination also has a negative impact on worker productivity and economic performance. The bible teaches us as Christians to respect them like Jesus respected all of us. Jesus treated everyone equally. (Mark 14. 3) "Jesus was in Bethany at the house of Simon who suffered from a dreaded skin disease". This small verse I have extracted from mark shows how Jesus was not afraid of some one who was different from him, this man had a skin disease and he was not afraid to be near him. If this happened in today's society people would be afraid to be near him, just because he looked different. In Mark (7. 24-30.) Jesus met a woman who's daughter had an evil sprit in her. The woman begged Jesus to help cure his daughter, Jesus answered "Let us feed the children first, it isn't right to take the children's food and take it to the dogs". The woman answered, "Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children's leftovers". Jesus liked the answer she gave, so when the woman returned home her daughter's evil sprit had gone. ...read more.


The Christian church is against prejudice and discrimination in all forms. This is based on the belief that all people are created equally by God and so all people are equal in the sight of God. Some people have low opinions of people of a different colour, some people are afraid of black people as they think that they have a reputation of being ruff/tuff. This can be very true, but can be very wrong. If that person were to get to know the person of a different colour then they would most probably realise that they have more in common with each other than they would realise. Evaluation: From this course work have learnt that it is wrong to discriminate someone because of what the look like, or what race they are. In conclusion I think that prejudice in any form whether it is racial, gender or colour is wrong. No person in the world should be discriminated against. Jesus has taught us not to treat some one any different because of these things. We should listen to Jesus and make sure that discrimination becomes a thing of the past. We should like a person because of the personality they have, and not because of what they look like from the outside. ...read more.

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