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How Shari'ah affects the relationships between men, women and their children.

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Divinity Coursework How Shari'ah affects the relationships between men, women and their children Shari'ah is the total way a Muslim conducts their life. It literally means the "clear straight path" and all Muslims should follow it. It is a way for Muslims to lean how to behave right and lawful (halal) and how not to fall into forbidden or illegal ways (haram). Shari'ah is also the basis for law in many Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia. Every person in that country has to obey shari'ah laws and if they do not they get punished just like as if they were breaking British laws. The way shari'ah is interpreted is different in different countries and so there are many different forms of shari'ah law. ...read more.


Women are allowed to have a job but only if it does not hurt the family in any way. She has to be a virgin at marriage and in return is protected by her husband. Mothers or wives are meant to take responsibility for feeding of the hungry, hospitality for the guest and encouragement for the weak. All in all a woman is meant to look after the children and guests which the husband is earning money for the family. The purpose of marriage is that it allows the married couple to express a range of human experiences and sexual love in a comfortable environment. Another purpose is so that two separate families can be joined by the marriage. ...read more.


You can also divorce by mutual consent in two different ways. The first Mubara'ah is when the wife and husband agree between themselves to end the marriage and work out all the financial agreement to be made. The second Khul is when the wife has a genuine grievance against her husband but she has to return her marriage gift (mahr) to him in return for a divorce. In Islam the family is seen as the basis of the human race, culture, society and civilisation. Anything that disrupts or weakens the family is seen as a very serious matter. The home is seen to be far more important than the any place outside. Children are regarded as a blessing. The family is very important in Muslim culture. ...read more.

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