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How the writers of 3 different Victorian short stories create morals, heroism and religion with particular attention to language and allegory.

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How the writers of 3 different Victorian short stories create morals, heroism and religion with particular attention to language and allegory. I have read recently several Victorian short stories I noticed that many had similar styles and contents. But the three stories that I found most interesting were: The Persons of the tale and The House of Eld both by R L Stevenson and The Superstitious Man's Story by Thomas Hardy. In these three stories I found that they were linked by the use of a narrator to tell the story of what had happened to the main characters through their fear, heroism and morality. The House of Eld and The Persons of the Tale both have a moral to them. They are both written by the same author and although the moral in The House of Eld is shown at the end and The Persons of the Tale is a little harder to find both need to be worked out with great thought. The moral of the Persons of the Tale is that people although they are all different they are all needed in one way or another to complete life and the moral at the end of The House of Eld relates to the story. ...read more.


The heroism in each story is put across by the language of the writer. Jack is put across brave and courageous whereas Captain Smollett is just put across as a wise and intelligent hero. R L Stevenson has used different types of language to portray different characters with the same original ideas. Jack is described as 'a grave lad' meaning he was solemn or apprehensive. Whereas the captain is not described with specific words but his characteristics are put across through his speech and actions. In the Persons of the Tale the author uses allegory. This is when certain things in the story represent something else. This helps R L Stevenson put across his moral easily for younger readers. The author mentioned in the story represents God and the characters Long John Silver and Captain Smollett are merely human beings living in the world. Long John Silver is someone who does not believe in God and Captain Smollett is a Christian of some sort. Long John believes that if there is a God then it has favourites but Captain Smollett teaches him that everyone is important in some way. ...read more.


I believe this because the stories have a fearful message in them. In the Superstitious Man's story, there is a fear of believing the superstitions are true. This frightens the people so that they won't believe in them and turn to God instead. In the House of Eld, the fear is created by the sorcerer and Jack fighting. This is scary in itself but the moral to the story scares the people more. It is telling people that if you get rid of something very important and something you have never lived without you will get rid of the most important things to you. This implies that if you reject God then you can lose everything important to you and your family. And finally in the Persons of the Tale the message that God has no favourites and that everyone is important teaches the Victorians to love each other as everyone is just as important as anybody else. Overall these three stories are enjoyable, thought provoking and educational for the readers and listeners. The authors have written with great language and techniques and have produced good short stories. They have considered the interests and views of readers in the Victorian times and they are enjoyable to read. Phillippa McElroy ...read more.

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