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"Human life is sacred and should be safeguarded regardless of circumstances." Discuss this statement in relation to either abortion or voluntary euthanasia.

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"Human life is sacred and should be safeguarded regardless of circumstances." Discuss this statement in relation to either abortion or voluntary euthanasia. It is impossible to discuss the issue of abortion and voluntary euthanasia without taking into consideration the emotional topic," the sanctiy of life." The question of abortion illustrates the different views held for the sacredness of human life. To discuss abortion or even euthanasia, is to discuss the meaning not only of when does life begin or when and how life should be terminated, but the meaning of the precious "thing" we all call life. It is important to discuss, when considering abortion, why human life is so special, and in a religious sense so sacred. The Christian belief in life being a special gift given to humanity by God; to take away that gift is wrong and is supported by scripture. "You shall not kill' "Do not commit murder"1 For God to forbid the killing of any human, clearly illustrates that human life is precious, and should be maintained at all means. ...read more.


Already the essentials that are needed for survival are in a stage of formation. The new individual is already a human being with the potential of being born into the world. "How soon is there within the womb anything that can rightly be regarded as a human life, a rational soul, a personal existence? The foetus was "ensouled" with life when it became capable of movement"4 It is these conflicting views that complicate the matter of abortion. Some hold the view that the foetus is not a human being at any given time in the womb, and to destroy it is justifiable. If the foetus is to be "labelled" as human at "anytime during the pregnancy it must be human all the time from the moment of conception. Therefore from the moment of conception life must be guarded with the greatest care." This is expressed in a statement made by Mother Teressa, "Only God can decide life and death. ...read more.


For example abortion should be permitted if the baby has no brain or is incapable of independent survival. "To be worth living, a life must be better than no life at all - better than not existing. Lives not worth living are therefore worse than existence."8 My view on the question, is that all human life is sacred and that it should be treated with the ultimate respect. To abort an unborn child is not treating a life with respect. Instead one is labelling it as cheap, something that can be easily rid of whenever one sees fit. To kill the helpless foetus directly or intentionally is not acceptable. As described we are not masters of our lives; that is to say that the child is not the property of its parents before or after birth, only God is the master of their life. Therefore I can only condemn abortion, although in certain circumstances discussed above, can I share the utmost of sympathy for the women who choose to abort in the cases of rape and severe foetus abnormalities. ...read more.

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