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Hurricane Hits England.

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Amais Chouhdary Broad Street Cardiff CF5- 3NT The Editor 19/02/2005 Western Mail Cardiff Dear Sir or Madam: I am a Christian and would like to make clear a few points regarding the issue of Death Penalty, Which is quite often debated. I feel very strongly about this issue because if there was no death penalty than my faith and that of 120 million Christians wouldn't exist. Because, if the Jews had never had the death penalty then Jesus wouldn't be crucified and be resurrected and there would be no salvation through Christ. ...read more.


I think that the churches never opposed the Death Penalty because no unequivocal statement in the New Testament forbids it. On the contrary, it is explicitly allowed in the Old Testament (an eye for an eye...life for a life) as was the custom of the Jews at the time of Jesus. The Old Testament portrays human life as sacred because "God created man in his own image." It's only because of this sanctity of human life that the Old Testament urges the authorities to take strict measures against those who devalue it. ...read more.


:) Jesus' teachings illustrate an Ideal world, where we can be kind and "turn the other cheek" In the real world we cannot always be kind and gentle because the 'evil' people might start taking advantage and start abusing the 'innocent' people. We might be faced with serious problems, such as murder, rape and child abuse, so that we can't be soft and have to put people to death. I hoe that you raise my concerns in you paper so that people can be informed of the reality. Yours Sincerely Amais Chouhdary RE Coursework (2) Amais Chouhdary 11GD2 1 ...read more.

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