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Hursley church shows us typical ideas about Christianity and church building ideas that were held by most people in Victorian England.

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Hursley church shows us typical ideas about Christianity and church building ideas that were held by most people in Victorian England As there is not much left on Hursley we can only take a guess on what it actually looked like. Although we can make a fairly good guess at what it did actually look like, we can do this because of a church that was constructed roughly around the same time; St. Mary's at Avington. St. Mary's is similar in a lot of ways. We know that these two churches are very similar because, firstly, No.3 was built with all the main features you would expect from a church at that time, and secondly, the church was built around the 1750s', all of these features link well with Avington and how it was built. We have to have a good look at St. Mary's to work out what church 3 looked like. There are blocks at the bottom of the windows and the windows on this church are Semi-circular, both of these things are major features, and are very typical of what churches would have looked around in the 1750s'. If we looked outside of Hursley you will be able see the keystones used at the top of the windows. ...read more.


The same city, in 1840, there is industrial buildings and Chimneys instead of spires, there was a small chapel but it was fake or bogus So he hated it. There is an old medieval church with pointy windows and is made of stone, so he likes or respects it. John Keble was a priest and a lecturer at oxford in 1830. He set up the Oxford movement; this was a group of Church of England priests who protested at the government. Hursley church shows very well Keble's ideas about Christian architecture and church building. A lot of his ideas are put into this church, such as, the altar for the priest to look the most important person in the church, it is almost used as a stage for the priest, and so all the eyes are focused on him. Keble built Hursley like most other important churches, by this I mean that, for instance, it is focused on the east, I mean that the altar, grand stained glass windows, chancel and pulpit are here. Around the sides of the church is has carved pictures of the saints, and in the stained glass windows, it tells the story of the bible, and how Jesus died on the cross. ...read more.


I have now come to the conclusion that Keble's ides and planning for Hursley church number 4 were not typical at all. Their ideas were not typical because the Oxford movement was such a small group, so the ideas never became typical. Many other Christians just thought that Oxford movement members were just Roman Catholics in disguise, so they did not like them. The Oxford movement's main aim was to get people back to church. And so, Keble was part of the Oxford movement. In the 1870s they were upset to see the Church of England being pushed around, so they thought bringing back things, and bringing in new things would help. Oxford movement believed that Jesus died for everyone, but Broad church Christians thought you should just listen to the Priest's sermons, instead of having communion every week. These new ideas were Oxford movement ideas, these were: Apostolic succession, Priests are special, Holy Communion, emotion and feeling about Jesus' sacrifice. To get people back to church, they believed they had to make priests special. They gave them big robes, a big alter, chancel, sanctuary, and AWN Pugin tiles. They made people believe that they thought Jesus himself was talking, and performs a miracle when he does Communion, and that priests, who ultimately have been blessed by St. Peter, have blessed priests. Jamie Keen GCSE History Jamie Keen GCSE History ...read more.

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