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I am examining the question 'Abortion is never justified' from a Christian perspective

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I am examining the question 'Abortion is never justified' from a Christian perspective and will explain my view on abortion. The bible has many quotes directly relating to the foetus within the womb. The main argument is trying to discover at what point life begins when finding this out it is easier to decide whether abortion is right or wrong. Though the question on when life starts is hard to find out as people have their own point of view. Using the Bible and the Churches view I will try and work out when life starts and whether abortion is never justified. The Bible teaches that life begins even before the baby is formed or even conceived. The passage from Jeremiah 1: 4-5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" This quote means that life begins before the baby is formed in the womb and God knows what is planned for the baby. If this is true then it can be considered as murder, since it is the killing of a person who's life has already been planned. Common absolute morals today are generally taken from the bible or mainly the Ten Commandments. For example, most people would agree that murder or stealing is wrong. ...read more.


Women who abort a child because it has disabilities or is not completely normal I think that they shouldn't abort their baby. Every foetus is a unique, talented human being, a genius perhaps even a William Shakespeare or Beethoven. A good example of a person with disabilities is the education minister who is blind, David Blunkett. Other examples are people who are involved in the Paralympics, a large achievement and success of disabled people. A very famous lady called Alison Lapper who was born with no arms or legs has had a very successful life. A statue of her is being put up in Trafalgar Square to show the achievements that she has made. If a woman wanted a child and found out from a scan that it would be severely handicapped and disabled then she would have to make a decision on whether to keep the baby or not. A Christian may believe that the baby's life has already started and that by having an abortion she is breaking the sixth commandment 'Thou shall not kill'. A non-religious woman may think that she does not want to have a child with a disability and that the child has not yet started its life and that an abortion is the best option. ...read more.


Adoption should be a more readily available option because it gives couples who have no children a chance to have a family of their own; it also solves the problem of the mother who does not want the baby. The mother knows that the baby has gone to a loving home. The option of just aborting the baby because it is unwanted is not acceptable when there is the choice of adoption; there are only few cases where it is considered right to have an abortion. I think that abortion is only justified if performed in early pregnancy and if doctors can incubate baby's born at 28 weeks, so that they survive without health problems I believe that it is morally wrong to abort babies at the same stage of development. In the cases I have outlined above I accept that abortion can be performed up to eight weeks gestation. I also think that abortion should be made harder to obtain by needing two doctors signatures. Both the mother and father of the baby should be offered counseling to help them look at all the options available including adoption. This would enable them to reach an informed and not emotional decision that they may regret later. I feel strongly that abortion should not be used as a form of contraception. If people find themselves in the position where they do have an unwanted baby then their first choice should be adoption not abortion. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vanessa Harvey ...read more.

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