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I believe that religious teaching has moulded a strong effect on Christians today.

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Chloe Pierre I believe that religious teaching has moulded a strong effect on Christians today. The evidence that this is true is by looking at the lives of two modern day disciples. I have chosen to look at the lives of Harriet Tubman and Mother Theresa. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery around 1819/1820 in Maryland, America. She was purely of African ancestry and was raised under harsh conditions, e.g. Whippings as a small child. As she grew older, she experienced many events, which has been recognised and has shown her bravery. She has shown us through history, her acts of discipleship. She risked her life by helping others escape slavery; she put these people before herself and left all her possessions behind. Ms. Tubman heard God's call and acted it out in helping others escape the tormenting life of slavery. Another modern day disciple was Mother Theresa. ...read more.


She opened Nirmal Hriday {Pure Hearts} a home for the dying. This home became more and more popular where the dying came as their only hope for proper medical treatment. Another of Mother Theresa's foundations was Shishu Bhavan, home for orphan babies and children whose parents have left them on the streets and Shanti Nagar. Shanti Nagar was a colony for lepers where they could build their own houses and work on their fields. The biggest problem for her was not the disease but the lack of love and charity, the feeling of being unwanted. These two extraordinary women are known today as heroines and will be remembered for their work, kindness and patience. They have set a good example for our world and have given many people inspiration to do good things in God's name. Obvious modern day disciples do exist. These are Priests, Nuns, Teachers, Doctors, Police, Counsellors, Missionary workers etc. ...read more.


Cafod, {as a charity} don't just give money to the poor communities and walk away, they work hand in hand with the local people to help them respond to their own needs. This means that they make a promise to these communities to help them, help themselves to give them a head start on a safer plan for a future. Christian Aid Mission is a charity in touch with hundreds of indigenous Christian mission agencies in poor and oppressed countries, especially in lands where evangelism is greatly needed. Thanks to Christian Aid Mission there are several thousand indigenous mission groups active in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. They have also combined a total of more than 100,000 missionaries either on the field or ready to enter service. These charities are combined of groups of people from the world over as modern day disciples to beat the systems like the trade system. ...read more.

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