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I have chosen to carry out my investigation on 'racism' - The hypothesis I have set myself is 'Racism is Wrong'.

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GCSE Humanities Coursework "Racism is wrong" I have chosen to carry out my investigation on 'racism'. The hypothesis I have set myself is 'Racism is Wrong'. The reason why I have chosen 'Racism' as a part of my investigation is because I have gone through racial harassment and I feel that me being able to do this coursework will let me speak my mind about racism and talk about it in more detailed manner. This means that I will be able to write down my experiences. I personally believe that racism should be eliminated through all walks of life. Be it someone's religion, skin colour or even what language they speak 'racism is wrong' I will use a variety of research methods to help me. These methods should include, Internet, books, writing letters, interviews, surveys and leaflets. The Internet is very good resource for lots of information, it is quick and easy, and the information is of both sides it is also up to date. The disadvantages in using the Internet are that you need to carefully select relevant pieces; the Internet has secondary information and can be biased. Next books, these are easy and reliable but can be biased, books have a wide range of information. But the down side to books is that the information may not be up to date. Books are a source of secondary information. Writing letters is the best way to get primary evidence, it is also up to date. Unfortunately there are the down sides in writing letters, these are that it may be hard to find the address you need to write, also the letters will be biased there fore I will need both sides, and also the recipient might not reply back at all. If in the case that the group/person does not reply back then this will not give me a good understanding of the views and opinions of the subject. ...read more.


The motive for killing this poor innocent life was purely based on what colour skin he had. By murdering this person the racists achieved nothing but self-pleasure. The Damilola Taylor issue was all over the TV. As the information on the Internet was premature about this topic, no real answer can be given as of yet. But according to the BBC the boys were charged with murder. Some of the information could have been exaggerated. Also the media can be biased at times. What is being done to stop Racism? For this sub question I have decided to write letters, as it will give me a better idea of what is to be done to stop racism. I had written to the government (CRE) Commission of Racial Equality but have not had any replies. I thought that the letter would give me data from the source direct. Writing letters will give me primary up to date evidence. Letters can be biased if only sent to one group so to eliminate that problem I also wrote to the BNP. This now would give me both sides of the issue. But also I have not received a reply from the BNP. Charities play a huge role in helping the victims or racial attacks and racism in general too. A charity called 'Childline' helps young children with problems from bullying to the issued of exams. They also talk about racism; Childline is a very good charity as it listens to the younger society or Britain today. They help to comfort the children and find peaceful solutions to their problems. Racism cannot be stopped it will always be there where and when you least expect it to be. On the other hand the victims of racism can be helped, this is through charities like Childline ect... Childline is the UK's, 24 hours free helpline for children in trouble or in danger. ...read more.


I thought that writing to just say the BNP would make the whole issue biased. So then I wrote to the other side of the argument, which was the (CRE) Commission of Racial Equality. But all the letters that I had sent off I didn't get any replies. I also used a video as a way of obtaining the evidence and found that it was very useful. They video was from the city council, it showed how they would combat the racism and how they would care for the victims. I found that this video was very interesting and that it showed what was being done to stop racism. For the last sub question I can say that the research method that was used was the Internet, the Internet was the fastest way of getting the information. This last sub question states about the Stephan Lawrence and how the police force didn't handle case properly, I feel that this question is very good as it gets to the point! From the Internet site of the CRE I have found out that there duty is to provide race equality. I think that there website shows enough unbiased information. There are also from the government this shows that they are high up. From the web site of Childline I could see that they were a charity and that they were helping young children with various problems, but they also helped to comfort against racism. They usually don't have opposing views against any organisation they just talk/council the young vulnerable child. From the website of the BNP I thought there views and information was very biased, this is because they were just against immigrants and against non whites. Finally I believe that my hypothesis "Racism is Wrong" is very rite this is because the arguments that were given in the research and the sub questions. I think that my research would have been impaired because I have suffered at the hands of racist for a period of 4 years. This is why I feel that my research could be biased all due to myself. Sanjay Patel ...read more.

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