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I have chosen to focus on the issues of 'Abortion and Euthanasia' for this essay. The Roman Catholic Church maintains the strongest objector to all unnatural forms of abortion

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Emma Partington AO2: "Choose either 'Abortion and Euthanasia' or 'Abortion and Contraception'. Faced with the issues you have chosen, explain the different ways Christians might respond to them" I have chosen to focus on the issues of 'Abortion and Euthanasia' for this essay. The Roman Catholic Church maintains the strongest objector to all unnatural forms of abortion, although Evangelicals come a close second. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that abortion denies the most fundamental of all human rights - the right to exist. They believe that any kind of abortion of a foetus is murder, and breaches the sixth of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13) Any Catholic that is involved in an abortion may be excommunicated from the church and would not be allowed to be buried in a catholic graveyard. Catholics and Evangelicals believe that from the moment of conception, the foetus is not a potential human being, but a human being with potential, who has the same rights as any other human living on this planet. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that God knew us as a person when we were in the womb: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." ...read more.


Pro-lifers are very against this idea, especially because many parts of Africa are catholic, but uneducated; these pro-lifers believe that Tony Blair and Sir Bob Geldof are taking advantage of these religious but uneducated people. Pro-choice protesters believe that these two significant figures are making a stand and trying to promote the idea of choice and freedom restrictive African communities. On the other hand, George Bush (President of the USA) has stressed that he will veto any foreign aid bill if it includes funding for organisations that promote abortion. Another Issue highly debated within the faith of Christianity is Euthanasia. The Roman Catholic Church is opposed to Euthanasia because it is seen as murder. In the Evangelium Vitae, the Pope said: "...to cause death in this way is a grave violation of the law of God" The Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church also believe that doctors should use every available extraordinary treatment to keep people alive, and should never withdraw treatment. The Church of England used to take a very similar view, they began changing their minds, starting in 1992, by saying that although the deliberate taking of a human life is forbidden, there are very strong arguments that people should not be kept alive at all costs when they are suffering intolerable pain. ...read more.


(Luke 6:37) The opposite of groups such as 'LIFE' are organisations like 'Catholics for a Free Choice' (CFFC), which was founded by Frances Kissling 25 years ago. This group believes in educating others in a pro-choice manner. An alternative view on the sanctity of life ethics is a theory called 'Utilitarianism' which is a way of solving modern problems. Utilitarianism will do any action that maximises happiness; a utilitarian will want to help the majority of people. This ethical way of thinking was invented and discovered by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart. The most famous utilitarian to date is Hitler, and the most well known of today's times is Peter Singer. Peter Singer is of no religion; all utilitarians are atheists. Singer is the most influential and controversial ethics professor of our times and he believes rights should be given not to the level of human we are but judged by the level of consciousness and the probability that the person, or animal, in question will survive. This essay has described how different denominations of the Christian Church would respond to different ethical dilemmas on the subjects of abortion and euthanasia. I have come to the conclusion that the Roman Catholics have the most orthodox and powerful view out of all the churches within Christianity. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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