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I have chosen to write about contraception and abortion as I feel that they are two important issues in a Christians life.

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A02 Religion isn't just about what happens inside the church and during prayer. It includes many religious practices in everyday life such as making decisions. The Christian teaching guides and tells people haw to live their lives outside the church, but not all Christians feel this. It is to also try to get people to live good lives, so when they die they can go to Gods Kingdom. I have chose to write about contraception and abortion as I feel that they are two important issues in a Christians life. Contraception means to be against conception. There are two methods of contraception and they are the barrier method and the hormonal method. The barrier method simply creates a barrier between the sperm and the ovum, preventing them from meeting and fertilising. This kind of contraception would include the condom, the diaphragm and the coil. The hormonal method is designed to stop a woman from ovulating, in which the woman can still have sex without any danger of becoming pregnant. This kind of contraception would include the pill, the injection, implants or patches. ...read more.


Some Christians may think it is a licence to sleep around it they feel they are able to use contraception. The church also believes that sex is for love and commitment and not something to be taken advantage of. Not all Christian churches are against contraception to regulate birth, so long as it is used sensibly in a loving caring relationship. The Catholic Church is different, as it believes that there is no excuse for the use of contraception in a loving, committed relationship. Other Catholics may think that the church has no right of the church to tell them what they can and can't do in their sexual behaviour and it should be left to their own free will. The church states that you should follow your conscience in life, so Christians may feel that they can do anything they want and don't have to follow the churches teachings. The whole abortion debate depends on when a person believes life begins. Many people, including Christians believe life begins when the egg is fertilised, whilst other people believe it begins when the baby can feel things and sense what is happening around it. ...read more.


most serious issues encouraging an abortion such as the baby has a serious illness or disability or the mother has been a victim of rape. Other Christians would feel that it is a Christian duty to stand by someone through a difficult time such as an abortion whatever the reason, whilst others will not agree to it all together. If a Christian supports or goes ahead with an abortion, I don't think that it makes them a bad person, as everybody makes mistakes and God will still be with you in life whatever happens. The Bible states "if anyone takes human life, they will be punished" and "Do not commit murder" which Christians follow in life. In order to decide what they believe about abortion, they may pray and try to find the relevant passages in the bible, to help them understand the issues surrounding abortion, in order to follow the churches teaching. Christianity does affect and influence the way Christians behave and the decisions they make. If some Christians do go against the churches teaching, many decisions have to be made and it isn't always done lightly. It can involve great personal pain and struggling with conscience and anxiety. ...read more.

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