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I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, Albert Pierrepoint, former executioner. What are your views on capital punishment?

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"I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing," Albert Pierrepoint, former executioner. What are your views on capital punishment? 1707. Catherine is taking her last steps towards the stake. A lonely tear flows down her cheek. The crowd is shouting:" witch, witch, witch!!!" She looks up. This will be the end. Now she's tied to the stake. The fire is going to be lit any second now. "I'm not a witch". The fire is lit. For the next few minutes there is a lot of panic, screaming. Then there's silence. "The witch is dead". Only 100 years later people started to realise that witchcraft is only fiction. But they could not bring back all the women that were executed because of the fear. 1984. "No please don't hurt me," Sarah screamed. But she was too young to understand what her step dad was doing to her. She was only 6. In the court room the jury decided to let the dreadful man have a sentence for only few years, but the innocent little girl had to live with the awful memory forever. ...read more.


So why not kill the shameless people? Nevertheless the prisoners are on Death Row for many years anyway. Time and resources are still taken up in the lengthy process. In the Testimony of Richard C. Dieter (Executive Director, Death Penalty Information Center) he states that an execution in North Carolina actually comes to cost around $2.16 million dollars. People would also state that in some countries where Capital punishment is still used, it acts like a deterrance. In Latvia couple of years ago the President abolished the capital punishment, because she thought it was inhumane. After exactly a week of this new rule working a man ran into a nursery killed 6 children and the nursery teacher. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Quite obviously people were shocked. They (and I was one of them) wanted the man to die. People figured that the capital punishment scared the man to do this crime. But when it was abolished he thought he will be able to get away with this. ...read more.


How does these ways of killing people make us better? If we kill someone because he has murdered their enemy how does this makes us look, if do the same thing?! Even though this is true the capital punishment satisfies the need of revenge for the family of the victim. If someone hurt my little sister or brother I would definitely want him/her to die. I think that this would be true for 95% of the family members of the victim. A very big problem with death penalty is that there have been cases off miscarriages of justice. Derek William bentley was hanged at the age of 19 for a murder committed by a friend. After 45 years he received posthumous pardon. Even though it doesn't help that much to him, as he is dead. After looking at these points I can surely say that although they have done miscarriages in the past it is not that common these days. However rapists, killers escaping prison is common, so I definatly disagree with Albert Pierrepoint's words. Excecutions do solve soo many problems. Kate Riekstina ...read more.

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