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I have decided to do my pilgrim work on Bethlehem and Lourdes using internet and books for research. So what is a pilgrim?

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A01 I have decided to do my pilgrim work on Bethlehem and Lourdes using internet and books for research. So what is a pilgrim? Hajj is the Arabic word for pilgrimage Hajj is the Arabic word for pilgrimage and pilgrimage means a special journey of a religious significance. The word Hajj is to set out with a definite purpose and Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are: Shahadah which is statement of belief, Sawm - is fasting during Ramadi, Salah prayer five times a day which is communicating with Allah. Zakat charitable giving and the fifth pillar of Islam is Hajj which is pilgrimage to Makkah. Hajj is held every year. Muslims have to go on Hajj once in their lifetime. Makkah is an important religious place because it's the home of the prophet Mohammed and the city he grew up in. It also has the profits mosque, which is one of the most important mosques in Islam. And while Mohammed was on Hajj he was enlightened and heard words from Allah. If a Muslim can't go on Hajj for some reason they have two choices they can give their savings to charity which is one of the five pillars of Islam Zakat (charitable giving) or they can give their hajj savings to someone else to take your place or someone can represent a whole family if they don't have a lot of money. ...read more.


Christians feel they are walking in Jesus' footsteps and often feel that they have felt closer to him especially in places like the quiet Gardens of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed the night before he died. Christian pilgrims go on a pilgrimage to ask for forgiveness for the sins they may have committed or to ask for guidance in what they might want to do in the near future. Some pilgrims go on a pilgrimage to thank God for the good things that he may have brought to them or they're family. Paying a lot of money to go on a pilgrimage may be a way how other Christians may think it's a way of showing they're trust and love and to show how committed they are to God. Others may want to strengthen their faith or belief in Jesus or God and to show how much they are willing to do anything for him. Healing the disabled is another reason for Christian pilgrimage to go to a holy place and ask Jesus to heal them from what they are suffering from. Lourdes in France is an important place for this type of pilgrimage because of the vision that was experienced by Bernadette. While she was gathering firewood with her sister and a friend she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in a Grotto. ...read more.


Helping the poor, the disabled and those who are in need of help could make you feel closer to God. However there are some Christians who think going to the place where Jesus was born, lived and died will make them feel closer and even more committed but God is every were and can be worshiped from anywhere even reading a bible at home is a way to feel closer to God and become even more committed. Christians may want to show God that they are willing to try and be more committed by paying a lot of money to go on a pilgrimage. Although to some Christians it may have a deep effect on their lives and they may feel that they have developed in their spiritual lives as a result of the pilgrimage. Changing their lives after a pilgrimage to a Christian is very important because it will show that the pilgrimage has taken a deep effect on the person spiritual faith in Jesus. Christians may go on a pilgrimage to be healed and they may come back healed and to show how thankful they are they may change their lives and devote them selves to God and will try to keep the promise they may have made during the time they were confirmed. ...read more.

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