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I n this essay I am going to explore the term poverty.

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Poverty Essay I n this essay I am going to explore the term poverty. It is a serious issue effecting the people all over the world even in the rich countries. I am going to explore poverty in the eyes of a Christian and also in the Islamic point of view. I will be writing about what is being done about poverty by the Muslims and also the Christians. Poverty is the inability to attain a minimal standard of living. There are two kinds of poverty, absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty occurs where people have inadequate incomes to attain subsistence standards of nutrition and lack access to basic health care and education. It is when people do not have access to basic needs like food to help them grow and develop and to stop malnutrition. Clean water for safe drinking, which is essential for life, more then 80% of diseases and sickness are due to the defective water sanitation. Proper housing to provide security and protection. Access to healthcare is so important to make a safe state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Work so that people can get security and the means to meet any of their other basic needs. Education is needed to develop abilities and individual judgment and a sense of moral responsibility. ...read more.


* It saves from fear and grief There are two major benefits of giving Zakaat, 1. It keeps one away from sins a saves the giver from moral ill rising from the love and greed for wealth. 2. Through Zakaat the poor class (those who are not capable of providing for themselves) are being cared for, such as, widows, orphans, the disabled, the poor and the destitute. Zakaat is a way of helping the poor for the Muslims that they have to complete, but there are other ways in which they can help the poor. One way is by giving Sadaqah. This is a charity that is a matter of personal choice and is not a duty set upon the Muslim as something that has to be done. An act of Sadaqah can be as small as giving a few pennies to the poor to as big as donating most of what you own. Some people do it to please Allah and others do it out of compassion of seeing other people suffering. - If one Muslim does not help a person that they see is in agony and does nothing about then he has lost faith in his beliefs so therefore he has departed from the spirit of Islam. The Prophet says, 'An ignorant person who is generous is nearer to Allah then a person full of prayer who is a misery.' ...read more.


Resources must not be wasted. The booklet opens up our eyes to what is happening in the world and that it desperately needs our help. 'Isn't it ironic that in richer countries food is being wasted, while in poorer countries, people are suffering from starvation. Where have humans gone wrong? Islamic relief, at least, aims to set out and try to redress this unjust balance. I believe that this is a very successful charity, which is reacting to especially considering that it started just 15 years by two students who had their first donation from a young child. Amazingly the organization has turned into a million-dollar business in such a short space of time. The booklet that they provide is very helpful and informative. It tells you about how the organization works and it also teaches you stuff along the way as well. They let you chose where and on what to spend your money. They give you real life cases of really sad tearful stories and then they lighten up your hearts and fill you with delight with handing you the knowledge that they have helped made the situation. It isn't like some other company seeking aid. T o be honest I don't read many things about giving money to charity, but this booklet is different. It makes me want to read. This I think is a very special unique effect that the booklet has on be. Muslim aid I believe is a very good, just aid. ...read more.

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