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I relate to the feelings of Jennifer the most, she is angry that the world she had gotten used to had now changed.

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I relate to the feelings of Jennifer the most, she is angry that the world she had gotten used to had now changed. She wanted to hold on to everything that, in her eyes, was safe and acceptable. After meeting the handsome she eventually accepts the changes and the fact that she is stuck in "Nerdville". But before long she is introducing her 'old ways' into the town, and eventually creates a world very much like the one she had just left. Like me she accepts changes but at the same time tries very hard to return things to the way they were. Although I am curious and ready for change, it is scary and hazardous to learn new ways. It is very exhilarating when you find something new is much better than before but on the other hand it might turn out for the worst. You feel so dumb for wanting to accept a change, but when it comes you want to things to go back to the way they were. ...read more.


How do you choose not to change when your convictions direct you not to do so? How do you determine when this change is not proper, and when change is inappropriate? How do you stand behind your decisions even when they are not how others tend to think? Some people in Pleasantville opposed change and campaigned against it. What factors lead you to stay the same and not change? Do you have any models of consistency in your life? How are they consistent? How is positive or negative? How do you foster change when others don't want it? Once we've invented the wheel to travel roads to newness and change, we cannot stop the process. There are many reactionary townsfolk dead set against the changes while many of the youths embrace the new and exciting. The kids at school are the first to start appearing in colors. They're curious and ready to change. "People do not want their memory messed with", Ross explained. In a person's memory, only the highest ideals and "values of abundance" survive: everything is subsequently better in thought then it was in reality. ...read more.


Religion denies the metaphysical and the logical in place for menial fanatasy. "Think it over. Consider the subject, check your premises, check past history and find out whether it is true that man can never be free. It isn't because man has been free. Find out what made it possible. See for yourself. And then if you are rationally convinced, we can save the world together. We still have time. Let your mind and love of existence decide." saw this as a freedom of choice/resisting authority/coming of age movie and believed that the movie largely wanted for us to identify with David/Bud's (and the rest of the town's) development toward freedom of thought. He clings fiercely to the ideas of freedom: religious, moral, ethical, emotional, financial, governmental, and universal. He appreciated the nostalgic sense given to the original Pleasantville as having something that our generation lacked, but he felt a greater sense of well-being as the superficial (naive/sheltered) lives are replaced by dis-ordered, natural emotions and actions. "you can't stop it because it's inside you and you can't stop something that's inside you." W E RESIST CHANGE AND AT THE SAME TIME WANT IT ...read more.

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