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I think the teaching of discipleship affects the life of Christians today in many ways.

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Lydia Carroll R.E. Question 2 I think the teaching of discipleship affects the life of Christians today in many ways. The modern world, is a difficult place to be a disciple. There are so many distractions in the world today, that people find it difficult to devote much of their time to religion. Wealth is an important part of today's society. The wealth that we gain from jobs etc, is necessary to support not only ourselves; but also our families. From a modern-day parent's point of view, it is simply essential. Not only do children nowadays have to be clothed, fed and watered, but they must also keep up with the latest trends. Be it expensive designer clothes, or mobile phones; most children of today's generation, consider these luxury items as 'necessities.' ...read more.


This shows us that although times may have changed, some situations have not. Distractions due to wealth were apparent then as well as now. Modern day disciples cannot accompany Jesus in the flesh, and the disciples back then did have an easier job. More people were willing to listen to them, whereas nowadays people don't want to listen because they feel that they haven't got time to stop their busy schedule. It is sad that we would be seen as, 'strange' if we did stop and listen because it is not 'cool' or 'trendy' to be into religion anymore. The youth of today and the future will have an even harder job, because the more time Jesus is away from us (in the flesh), the less people tend to believe that Jesus even existed, or that discipleship was ever commonly or openly practised. ...read more.


She was forced to scale down her activities because of declining health, and after four decades of service to the poor, Mother Teresa stepped down from her role as administrator of the order in 1990. In recognition of her efforts she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. This shows us that it is not impossible to overcome the 'barriers' between ourselves and God. Only true disciples can turn away from the world's constant distractions, and although they cannot ignore them, they can still choose to do the right thing. The disciples were not perfect; but they didn't claim to be. They may have made mistakes; but they were only human. Many of them went on to be, and do great things, which, personally, I think gives hope to all of us. 2 Lydia Carroll R.E. Coursework Question 2 1 Lydia Carroll R.E. Coursework Question 2 ...read more.

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