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I was disgusted to read the letter from Mr I Amok, and the points he made on poverty. Where he said, "poverty isn't that bad, only a few people are really poor". I think that he hasn't studied countries enough because countries in Africa

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Dear Editor, I was disgusted to read the letter from Mr I Amok, and the points he made on poverty. Where he said, "poverty isn't that bad, only a few people are really poor". I think that he hasn't studied countries enough because countries in Africa have people that can't even afford food, clean water and clothing as it is stated in the booklet where it said, "our water hole dried up". Where he said people just want us to "feel sorry for them", they just want us to help them because it was our fault in most cases that they got in that situation, because when we were a empire they were self dependent but we told them to grow cotton but as the years have gone on the cotton market has crashed and they are no longer self dependent. He also said "charity begins at home because not everyone can afford a car". A car is not important compared to food. People can live without cars, but people cant live without food it is not possible. World poverty is a growing issue I think mr I. Amok should be educated more on this situation. ...read more.


There is a real case like this in Sudan the empire went over to Africa and saw that Sudan had a lot of land that would good for growing cotton but as the cotton market crashed, they couldn't do anything as all the soils nutrients had been taken by the cotton plants so they couldn't grow there own products again. Trans national companies are know taking advantage of their desperate situation by getting cheap labour out of them. The countries that are in debt to the world bank, with never become self dependent or ever get out of debt, this is because the world bank tells them what to grow and with the little money they do get from it only pays off the interest of the debt. He also comments on the aid that we give them and how they say doesn't wont it. They don't want to accept it as I said earlier but they have no other choice or they will die. Even though they don't really wont to accept these donatitions they are still very grateful for them even if it was our fault in the first place that they got into this situation, as I proved that earlier with the sudan case. ...read more.


I don't wont to say I dislike Mr.Iamok I would actually like to meet him and try and educate him more on these extremely serious matters that he is obviously no 100% clear on which I find very upsetting. I think our government could help these people out by sending a group of there specialist out to try and set up a basic infrastructure that would help the countries that are desperately in need of this. This would get them up and running so the could begin to plan for the future. Another way in which we could help if we were really desperate to help, is the could have a fair trade week were everywhere only sold products that fairly traded and this would help us to understand and it might even give the companies the urge to fair trade if they don't all ready do so. I think our contribution to aid has helped the these countries but we cant just keep giving them it because could just stop everything and depend on our aid which would put them in a even worse position which we or they don't wont to happen, although this may sound harsh we should give them aid if they are desperately in need of it so they don't become dependent on the aid. I hope I have helped all the readers and especially Mr.Iamok. Yours truly, Dean Barber ...read more.

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