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I Would Reintroduce The Death Penalty.

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I Would Reintroduce The Death Penalty An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, therefore a life for a life. Every individual has a right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Those who violate this right must pay the ultimate penalty. There have been many debates and protests about the death penalty for years and two views dominate this debate. On the one hand the criminal must be given the punishment they deserve which may be death but on the other hand under no circumstances is it possible to justify the use of the death penalty. The aims of the punishment are to find a way to deal with criminals and at the same time protect society and the individual. ...read more.


* Sometimes the death penalty is the only way for criminals to understand what will happen if they commit such a crime. * Quite often criminals prefer to be executed than to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Some even commit suicide, as they cannot live with the consequences of their actions. * The government must protect the population from the criminals and if the only way is by the death penalty then so be it. * The relatives and friends of the victim would want the criminal to pay for what he has done if that means even his/her own life. Here are some arguments against the death penalty; * To go through with the death penalty is not a good example, we teach that killing is bad even though we ourselves kill. ...read more.


Also the Juries are less likely to convict if the death penalty is enforced. * Some criminals are connected to groups and other sorts of gangs that if someone they knew were to be executed the group or gang would react and could provoke extreme action. I would reintroduce the death penalty but the Justice Department must be one hundred percent certain that they have the right person for that crime. In a way it is better that that criminal should be executed as if that person was not and released years later there could be members of the public waiting to kill him/her to seek revenge. Also I believe that if you take someone's life then you too should have your life taken away. It is not fair for that person to carry on living when they half taken away someone's life and caused great sorrow to that person's family. ...read more.

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