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Identify and evaluate the myths that are central to the writing of any two authors studied for this unit.

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Cenrtral to both Elizabeth Jolley's "Mr Scobie's Riddle", and David Malouf's "Rememebering Babylon" is they myth that the landscape can provide the main chracters of the novels with something extrodinary that helps them repel against the conventions of society. The landscape is abe to provide them with an anditote against the ills and evils of the society to which these chracters are placed. Mr Scobie's religious temperment and uniqueness in his ability to connect spiritulally with the landscape provides him with a life-giving source against the evils of the nursing home. Gemmy Fairley has a similar ability to connect himself with the enviroment. But Gemmy also posseses the ability to show and give someone else that same experience. Mr. Scobie is clearly someone who is in touch with his surroundings. He feeds off the landscape that provides him with spiritual nourishment. Mr. Scobie's constant need to go back to Rosewood East indicates his desire to go back to where he is truly in touch with himself and his youth. During his stay at the nursing home Mr. Scboie is often reminded of his home, he is able to make connections with the life-giving past that he longs for. The "melancholy horn seemed to bring to his mind the railway lines" that led to his home. Mr. ...read more.


Mr. Scobie's religious temperment is a major player in his ability to connect with the connect with the enviroment. His religious quotes tends to enlighten the landscape that he is experiencing. It is his religious background and upbringing which enable him to see so much as a gift. Mr. Scobie's religious readings serve as a framework for his experiences. This idea is central to the mysterious small hill behind Mr. Scobie's house. The description of that small "accessible yet inaccessible hill" has a literal and symbolic meaning. Jolley describes the hill as "untrodden", making this implicit connection of the hill to Wordsworth, and then making a connection with Wordsworth to Isiah gives this landscape a biblical and spiritual essence. It seems to be a place of solitude, somewhere where Mr. Scobie can make his connection with the noursihing landscape and perhaps God. Similarly, in "Remebering Babylon", Gemmy Fairley is the key chracter that embodies the myth that the landscape can provide them with something extrodinary against the conventions of society. The most predominant evidence of this is that Gemmy Fairley, who has come in contact with the Aborigines, is the protagonist of the novel. Gemmy is a character with a special gift, a gift that he has learnt from the natives of Australia. ...read more.


Frazer becomes poetic, it seems to be a form of realse for his thoughts and feelings. It is here that he pens down the real and "spirit" of what he has discovered on one of his expeditions with Gemmy. It is here that Mr. Frazer discovers that Gemmy, and ultimately the Aborigines relationship with the Australian landscape is life-giving and nourishing, quite unlike the old Eurpean view. He discovers that Gemmys relatinship with the landscape is a "forerunner" to the way that the Australian landscape should be appreciated, rather than destroyed by the way that the old soceity thinks Australia should be. "The mountain has its own meaning..." so let the enviroemnt teach us, rather than trying to control the landscape. The myths that are central to both these novels is that the landscape can provide people with an antidote against the conventions and evils of society. Both the main chracters of these novels epitomize these myths. Mr. Scobie with his religious temperment is capable of viewing the landscape as agift, and is able to receive it as a life-giving force. Gemmy Fairley, after living with the Aborigines of Australia has the gift of being able to appreciate and understand the relationship man can have with the landscape. Not only is this gift evident in Gemmy, but also in those particular people, Jok, Janet and Mr. Frazer, that Gemmy shares a special relationship with. ...read more.

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