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If God exists we would know it.

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'If God Exists We Would Know It' Some Christians believe that God Exists and that they know his presence. There are many arguments that could be given to support this argument. Some Most Christians believe that they know God exists because that the universe exists. This means that Christians believe that God created the universe, so if the universe exists, then surely God would exist. These people may be known as immanent. This evidence is supported by the bible as, in the bible it says that God create the universe. ...read more.


They also think that God has done many miracles, such as; treating rare and serious illnesses. They also think that miracles happen; it can only be done by God and no one else. Places like Lourdes (famous church in France) have experienced many miracles and they believe that God did all this because at that church many illnesses have been cured. The story of Jesus also gives prime evidence, as Christians believe that Jesus once lived on Earth in a human form, but as God. ...read more.


I personally believe in God's existence as I think that all these miracles that have happened are enough evidence to show God's existence. I have been to Lourdes before so I have seen people that have been cured, even though they had a very bad disease or illness. On the other hand I do not believe that God created the Earth because I believe that there's a lot of evidence in Science to prove that the Big Bang Theory created the universe. ...read more.

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