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'If God Really Loved Humanity We Would Never Have to Suffer'.

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'If God Really Loved Humanity We Would Never Have to Suffer' This quote summarises one of the main arguments against God's existence. This refers to the inconsistent triad. If God were omnipotent, benevolent, and omniscient, why would he let us suffer? A critic of theism would argue that the only logical conclusion would be that so-called 'God' does not embody one of these qualities, disproving him as the Supreme Being. The most common of these choices being that God is not all-powerful and is ruled by a higher law of morality. An atheist would take this one step further and take the point of view that any God that allows terrible suffering to occur is either not worthy of worship or does not exist at all. It is very hard to deny this view in times of anguish, for example during the holocaust or times of war. Christianity gets round this problem in many ways. A Christian would argue that suffering benefits people. For example, suppose I had a broken leg and I didn't feel pain. I would just keep walking and do irreparable damage to my leg. ...read more.


This shows that God's forgiveness is available to anyone. In this way, Christians say that Jesus was the 'Saviour'. All of these arguments prove to Christians that suffering has benefited humanity hugely. Another Christian argument is that suffering is part of God's plan. As God is the creator, his plan is far beyond human comprehension. Humans just have to admit their ignorance and accept that they cannot understand. Christians would argue that we are not meant to know. Liberal Christians would argue that there is no way we can find out the purpose for suffering on Earth, they would say that we would be using the wrong tool for the job. If God wanted us to know, then we would know. Fundamentalist and stricter Christian followers, like monks or nuns, who devote their lives to God, might argue that through intense adoration, confession, intercession, petition, and thanksgiving, we can communicate with God and hopefully witness 'religious experience' or a 'moment of clarity'. This is much like the idea of Buddhist 'Enlightenment'. A Christian could also suggest that suffering is a test. ...read more.


This deals with moral evil, but there is still no excuse offered for the natural evil in the world. However, I am undecided about suffering. The inconsistent triad is a great problem for theists and I see it as a loophole in the argument for God's existence. In fact, it is one of the main ideas that convince atheists to become atheists. On the other hand, I can also understand the Christian point of view. I can see that suffering can benefit people in many ways. I believe that suffering is all to do with the balance of nature. All the parts of the universe are intricately related, but they are not necessarily moral. In fact, nature is amoral. For example, the flood that destroys one town, can water the farms that keep another town alive. I believe that God set up the system, and just let nature run its' course, it would be wrong for him to intervene, it would make life and faith too easy somehow. However, I believe that we have to just accept that suffering exists and is just part of life. We just have to face it and try and overcome it. Philippe Souki ...read more.

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