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'If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.

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AO3: 'If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to the religion which you are studying in your answer. I agree with this statement because if God really loved humanity He would never let us suffer as that would mean He didn't like us. Christians believe that suffering is wrong and that it shouldn't happen. The Bible states that man was designed to live in God's perfect creation, enjoying a perfect relationship with Him. According to the Bible, it is not caused by God but from choices made by God's creatures, angels and mankind. ...read more.


Some Christians feel that all mankind have sinned against Him and so it would not be unjust for Him to cause us suffering. They believe that God allows us to live with painful consequences of our actions, but there is nowhere near the severity of the punishment we really deserve, and that we really deserve death and so suffering would not be so bad. Atheists don't believe in god and so suffering would be less of a problem for them and they would think that it is just a part of the world and that we should just accept it like everything else in the world. The Bible contains many examples of human suffering, including: natural disasters, slavery, wars, refugee crises, persecution, plagues and murders. ...read more.


Job 1:20-21: 'Stood up and tore his clothes in grief. He shaved his head and threw himself face downwards on the ground. He said 'I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing. The Lord gave, and now he has taken away. May his name be praised."' The attitude of Job sets an example to the rest of mankind, telling everyone to accept suffering and to obey God's commands. The problem of suffering in the world points to the problem of a broken relationship between man and God. Jesus offers us the solution to the suffering in our lives, as well as sympathising with our pain and offering us hope for the future. We are left with a decision on how we will react to our suffering and what our attitude towards God will be, and whether or not we will accept Jesus' offer of forgiveness. ...read more.

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