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If Jesus was baptised He Must Have Been Sinful. Do you agree or disagree? Explain why Matthews account of Peters confession is more important for Roman Catholic and Christians than Marks

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?If Jesus was baptised He Must Have Been Sinful.? Do you agree or disagree? I disagree as Jesus mother Mary was born of Immaculate Conception this means that Mary conceived without sin. This is relevant to Jesus as Mary was a virgin and Jesus father is god who has no sin and is an almighty being, this would mean that Jesus was only half human. Only humans are born with original sin. Some may say that if this was true then why did he get and I reply to them that as god ...read more.


On the other hand people may say everyone on earth is born with original sin even Jesus he was sinful thus must be baptised. Overall I disagree with the statement as I don?t think Jesus was born with original sin as god is his father and god is not human. Explain why Matthew?s account of Peter?s confession is more important for Roman Catholic and Christians than Marks. Matthews?s account of peters confession is more important as It philosophically accurate as it refers to the foundations of the Catholic church. ...read more.


In Matthew Jesus says ?I will give you the key to the kingdom of heaven? the Churches highest earthly authorities dealt with matters of faith and morality with influence from the pope. Jesus also tells us about the sacrament of confession by saying ?whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.? This tells us we will take our sins to heaven but if we go to confessions we will be cleansed from sin thus you will be cleansed in heaven. ...read more.

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