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Images of Discipleship in Today's Society

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In today's society we can see many images of discipleship. In our work place, schools and communities. Today we can see people acting out the qualities I have discussed in my previous piece of work. It is people of all religions or no religion that can act out the qualities of discipleship. Discipleship doesn't automatically mean taking a vow of poverty or going on a pilgrimage. We can be worthy of the title of a disciple of Jesus and the church in the way we live. It is the small things that discipleship is all about. In my essay I will be talking about different areas of living in today's society and being disciples of the church. Discipleship is not just in Mark's gospel but also in "our" lives. In my essay I will be talking about the areas that are involved in today's discipleship teaching. The people of today may find it difficult to show all the qualities of a disciple, such as giving up all they have because they may have family responsibilities and it would be negligent to leave them or take things away from them. ...read more.


Today discipleship involves certain "qualities. In my option these qualities are a huge part of discipleship. Without qualities there would be no discipleship. Today we can see generosity acted out as a part of disciples of Jesus. Generosity today involves a lot of things. If you were to ask people today what they would see generosity as, they would probably reply giving something. I myself would see it as giving as well. In our school we donate generously to Action MS, the Brazilian fund, Concern and Trocaire are to name just a few. This is all well and good but to be honest we don't see were are money is going. This takes me to the other form of giving. It is not only to give spare change but also to give your spare time, volunteering. We see famous people; such as Bob Geldoff at Comic Relief time in famine stricken countries. ...read more.


Today we can see born again Christians. This is in relation to putting our trust in God. Although it is hard to believe in something that there is no visual evidence these people have put this aside and trusted God. So if these people can put there trust in God who had no religion before this how come we still let ourselves down by failing God. In our society there is not much repentance. I think this is the part of discipleship were most people are let down. It is only a matter of saying sorry but many find this hard for various reasons. But could we not do like Jesus and forgive them for their sins. But we do see people going to confession and also people making up after arguments. I have looked at the different areas of Christian life affected by discipleship and I have concluded that the actions of one man 2000 years ago results in the way we live are life today. ...read more.

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