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Importance of the Bible

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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BIBLE For Christians, the Bible is an important source of information about right and wrong. Christians believe that the Bible is the most important book ever written, and that it comes from God. It gives rules and advice about the right way to live. For example, in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament there are many different laws which Jews and Christians believe were given to Moses by God. The most important of these rules are usually considered to be the Ten Commandments. Christians believe that these are rules which apply to everyone, in every culture and at every time in history. Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and so teachings are particularly important as for Christians they are not just on human being's personal opinions, but show how God wants people to behave towards one another. ...read more.


Christians today still find these letters a valuable source of advice about right and wrong. Most Christians believe that the Bible is full of the truth, and that reading it is one of the best ways of learning the right answers to moral problems. However, they do not always agree about how the Bible should be understood. Some Christians believe that the Bible was written word for word by God, and that every part of it is equally and perfectly true. Other Christians believe that the Bible was written by people who were inspired by God to use their own understanding and write in their own words, and that some of their writings are more suitable for the time in which they were written than they are for today. ...read more.


The Bible is believed to have great authority. All Christian church services use the Bible as an important part of the worship. A passage of the Bible is read to the congregation and, often, the priest or minister will use the passage in his or her sermon. The passage will be explained, and the preacher will try to show the members of the congregation how they might use the teaching of the Bible in their daily lives. Even though Christians use the Bible regularly and talk about what it means for modern times, they do not always come to the same conclusions. Different Christians Churches sometimes disagree; for example, the Roman Catholic Church and the Methodist Church do not have the same opinions about whether it is right to use contraception. Even within one church congregation in one town, there will probably be a wide range of different opinions about moral issues. ...read more.

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