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'In a multi-faith society religious people should not try to convert followers of other religions'

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'In a multi-faith society religious people should not try to convert followers of other religions' In order to understand this argument fully, we have to look at it from different perspectives. In a multi-faith society, everyone should have religious freedom, and there should be religious pluralism: all religions are accepted as having equal right to co-exist. ...read more.


Nonetheless by converting non-Christians, it implies that Christianity view other religions as inferior, which disrupts the idea of religious pluralism. On the other hand, by not performing their believes, i.e. listening to God and converting others, it would mean that they won't have complete religious freedom. ...read more.


Nevertheless some Sikhs believe that only Sikhism has the whole truth. Personally, I agree that religious people shouldn't convert followers of other religions, because for a multi-faith society to work, no-one should feel compelled to choose their religion - this would damage the concept of religious freedom. Furthermore everyone should tolerate everyone else, despite differences in belief. If people want to live in harmony, they should not do things that may trigger conflicts and eventually war. ...read more.

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