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In life, there are many cases, in which we have to kill some people in order to save many others from dying. But, is it really justified? There are people who think that it is justifiable if there are no other solutions

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Journal Entry 6: Is it justified to kill some people in order to save others? In life, there are many cases, in which we have to kill some people in order to save many others from dying. But, is it really justified? There are people who think that it is justifiable if there are no other solutions. However, there are people who think that killing is downright wrong no matter what. The second type of people follows closely to a set of laws/rules and thinks that killing is immoral; therefore we should not kill even though that will save others. If killing anyone unjustly is wrong, then to kill regardless of numbers is wrong as well. The problem is now whether or not you could be justified in killing a few people to save many people. If you are justified in killing the few to save the many then it is not wrong and is fine; if you are not justified, then it is wrong to kill the few for the many. ...read more.


Would we kill someone about to poison the main water supply for millions of people? Would we kill a man trying to hijack a plane in intent to crash it, or kill a woman about to drive through a park full of children? If not, they will harm much more other innocent people! If this is the type of reasoning adopted, you would think that it is morally right to kill some people to save others, because killing by inaction is no better than killing by action. If you have to kill three people to prevent them from murdering a hundred, for example, that's very justified and proper police work, though it would be preferable to find a better solution. If it is not possible to save everybody in a fire, we will tend to choose the large group before the smaller one, because each life is precious, thus many precious lives are worth more than a few precious lives. ...read more.


Does he consider the people to be sacrificed less important in the society so it's not going to be a great loss, or considers them nobler and stronger so it will be their honour to sacrifice for the common good? If it is the first case, egalitarianism, humanism are out of question for the sake of practicality. If it is the second case, then we talk about the so-called heroes. But still we have the problem of the morality or the immorality of his choice. What if the leader was deciding instead of sacrificing anyone else, but to sacrifice himself and his own family? Or what if he would be blindfolded and he would pick randomly from the crowd? Would those two cases be ethical? Thus it can be said that killing to save others is justified in certain cases, but not in other cases. This is a very controversial question that many ask themselves, but till today, not many people are able to come up with a whole answer as to whether or not it is justified. ...read more.

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