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"In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world" Discuss and evaluate this claim.

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"In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world." Discuss and evaluate this claim. The use of filters in human life's deals with every possible aspect for a human to comprehend every situation that occurs. Filters are used naturally as part of the human persona. Filters can be delivered in any genre, and using these filters, is something that comes naturally to any person. It allows humans to realise what is happening, and allows the person to understand the situation according to their likings. Furthermore, to some extent, the use of these filters is instant. For humans to understand a common problem, the primer filters are the eyes and the ears. One can sue the eyes to see something that takes place, and furthermore, one can manipulate this vision, and say that something else has been seen. The same applies to the ears. The ears can hear something, but then in reality, something else can be said, which is totally different to what was heard in the first place. A prime situation that shows filters and how they are applied in real time was the issue about Saddam Hussein and if he had weapons of mass destruction. ...read more.


A few words, saying that Britain and America were going to fight in Iraq, instantaneously meant that many lives were to be destroyed for the Iraqi people, and the soldiers that were going to fight. Even if Saddam Hussein did not have any weapons, the amount of times that the leaders said that he did have them, could have made them believe something that was not true. The majority of Britain, and people around the world were insisting that was should not take place, but still, it did take place. This may have been because the leaders believed in the fact that weapons were present so much that it could have shown a psychological effect, which forced them to carry out such actions. Alongside themselves, the powerful leaders made millions of people go alongside them. Furthermore, what we were told in Britain was this same story told in Iraq? Could it mean that the truth depends on the language that it is told in? It can be said that this is true, because if Tony Blair said in English to the people in Iraq that their leaders was corrupt, and had weapons of mass destruction, many Iraqi people would not believe t. ...read more.


Emotions can also be tired into perception. When a person tells another person about something, about something that they feel strongly about, many people would agree that when you are telling something about something that you feel or believe, you are also showing your emotions. For a person to understand a situation fully, and react to it, filters are more defiantly required to help a person to unsolve a problem. Filters help us to do this by breaking down what is going on, which makes it easier for us to understand the problem. For example, if you go back to the prime filters, the eyes and the ears, an analogy could be implied, which can help a person to understand how filters break down something, and make it easier for someone to understand. Lets say, two people are talking, we know that they are talking because we can hear them talking. Furthermore, we also know that that two people are present because we can look at them. Filters break down the problem, and then each filter will understand the situation differently to another filter, and at the end, everything that is understood is put together, to make one final account of what happened. 1 Mohammed Aldouri, Ambassador to U.S 2 Tony Blair, British Prime Minister 3 J.P Satre Moheen Hassan I.B TOK 0568 025 ...read more.

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