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In the Twenty First Century, a miracle has several interpretations.

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GCSE RS Coursework Rob Allen 10AJB a) I) Today in the Twenty First Century, a miracle has several interpretations. To define a miracle depends on your interpretation, whether it is religious or atheistic but everyone can say it is something extra-ordinary. In common everyday speech, you may say: 'We need a miracle!' but this does not necessarily mean you need to be cured of haemorrhages or leprosy but it may mean you need to get out of debt or be cured of a cold. In Religious terms a miracle is an event that happens due to a direct intervention by God that breaks all laws of Physics and Nature due to a surge of faith. It is something that cannot be explained. Owing to the modern definition of miracles many people seem to think that miracles do not happen today. Some people may think that escaping death perhaps by being cured of cancer, that that is a miracle. However, another definition of a miracle is when something does not happen. If you pray for someone so they have good day in the morning, God may have been planning to have that person run over by a bus that day. So as you have had the faith in God and the belief that he will help that person during the day, He will possibly prevent the bus from coming at that time or someone may call you back. This absence of action is also classed as a miracle too. He may postpone the person's death to another day. The true meaning of a miracle may be missed if it is just treated as news. ...read more.


This miracle is very important because Luke shows Jesus as a provider. He wants to show that Jesus cared for his people as he single-handedly fed the people in a desolate place. Luke is also trying to show that Jesus has God's power inside of him and with this he can perform even the most difficult miracles. This can teach Christians today that they should try to help and give to other people perhaps in charity or they could just live a better life caring for others. This miracle is very complex as it involves many people and Jesus. This is also seen as symbolism by some people with the 5 loaves the five books of the torah and the 2 fish the neviim and ketuvim and the 12 baskets being the 12 tribes of Israel. Finally, there are the supernatural miracles of Jesus. These involve demons and the story of Legion is a good example in Luke's gospel. In the story of Legion, Jesus and the disciples go to Gerasenes, where upon arrival Jesus is met by a demon possessed man. For a long time this man had not lived in a house or even worn clothes. Jesus commanded the demon to come out but the demon pleaded with Jesus not to torture him. Jesus asked it it's name and it replied Legion and they begged Jesus not to kill them. Jesus gave the demons permission to enter a heard of pigs on the Cliffside and he allowed them and then they ran down the steep bank and people came to see what had happened. ...read more.


Christians put this down to God's action. I strongly believe that miracles still happen today, just not in sense that people think. It's the small miracles and the seemingly invisible ones that occur. It would be scary to see a dead person rise from the grave but small personal miracles, (i.e. childbirth etc) things that most people think is just life is in fact small miracles, just depends on how you view them. Miracles do not happen today, however, because you never see people being cured of leprosy or having a demon cast out of them. Most people seek medical attention when they are sick rather than God. Even if someone is cured of leprosy, it is just treated as news rather than a deep spiritual event. Furthermore, miracles do not happen today because there is a lack of faith. Faith produces a miracle not a miracle produces faith. People today do not have the faith as the people in the 1st Century CE. People in those days used to be mostly poor and had nothing in life to look forward to so they turned to religion to have hope. People today do not turn to religion for help as so many people do not need it nowadays. Jesus performed the miracles in the 1st century CE. Jesus isn't around today so therefore people could say that miracles do not happen today. Jesus was the battery that carried God's energy and he is not here so miracles do not happen today for this reason. Overall, I feel that miracles do and don't happen today. I believe that small miracles such as childbirth still happen but I also believe that the other miracles do not happen. ...read more.

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