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In this coursework I will try to explain and discuss the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on marriage. I will discuss and apply the way a couple use this teaching in their everyday lives.

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R.E Coursework: Marriage In this coursework I will try to explain and discuss the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on marriage. I will discuss and apply the way a couple use this teaching in their everyday lives. In the final part I will discuss and give my own views on the difficulties of a lifelong marriage and how it affects Christians today. Some people get married for the wedding this means that they forget how important Marriage is, Marriage is a Sacrament and not just a special day. Everyone dreams about getting married and sometimes people can forget the responsibilities it brings. Many people marry for more important reasons; most marry to prove their love and dedication to one another. Most couples that want to marry understand how important a Marriage is; they make vows, which show their commitment and dedication. They promise to stay faithful to one another, as they know that a marriage is forever and you have to stay exclusive to the one you marry. They have to understand that it means loving and staying with that same person forever and remain faithful unto them till the day that they die. Marriage is important from a Christian viewpoint as you marry before God as a witness. Marriage sets an example to society and is to not be taken lightly. ...read more.


Part Two When Catholics marry they accept the rules of the Roman Catholic Church; these are the basis to an ideal marriage. Catholics use these teachings so they can do what God wants them too, helping create an example to other Christians. To show that a couple are committed to one another the Sacrament they make is vows agreeing to stay together. This shows that they understand what being married means and that they are willing to accept the responsibilities. In the vows the couple promise to love each other "For better for worse," this means not only through the good times but also the bad ones too, such as when the couple are having financial difficulties, as the couple promised to love one another no matter what and they should stand by each other "In sickness and in health," to stay together even say if one of the couple was in a coma or suffered from a terrible illness, then the other should remain faithful to them. "For richer for poorer," through financial problems and even bankruptcy. A couple should love their partner even if they may be the one responsible for their financial problems as they may have been spending too much money and Jesus would want the partner to forgive them like he did when he was alive. ...read more.


Sometimes the pressures of modern day life can affect a Marriage too as one or maybe both pursue a career and have no time for the other partner and this may affect a Marriage and jeopardise its length. Times have changed and a couple don't always have as much support as they would have had in the past and this makes it difficult. On the other hand a marriage is supposed to last forever and I think a couple should use divorce as a last resort. The Sacrament of Marriage can become tainted by the possibility of divorce. If a couple weren't intending to keep the vows then they shouldn't have made them in the first place. Divorce affects everyone that surrounds the couple, but particularly a child. A couple should put their children before their own wants and consider what's best for that child rather than themselves. If a couple have tried and tried and have found no way to make their marriage last, then I believe there is no point making something out of nothing and I think Jesus would forgive our weaknesses and mistakes. I believe that in some cases divorce is acceptable and in others its not and I hope that most people will use it as a last resort rather than a first, as who knows what might happen from trying to make it work. All: 1,795 ...read more.

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