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In this essay I am going to discuss the Muslim and Christian beliefs on life after death.

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A study of Muslim and Christian beliefs on Life After Death In this essay I am going to discuss the Muslim and Christian beliefs on life after death. Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Islam is a religion based on basic rules, which are also known as the five pillars of Islam, Shahadah (declaration of faith), Salah (five compulsory daily prayers), Zakah (welfare contribution), Sawm (fasting during the month of Ramadan) and Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah). These pillars act as the foundations of Islam and it is believed that if any of these five pillars were to be removed Islam would crumble in the same way as a house would if the foundations were to be removed. Muslims also believe in a book known as the Qu'ran. According to Muslims the Qu'ran is a divine book and a direct revelation from God. It was brought by Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Qu'ran contains a lot of information in it including information on life after death and in Islam life after death is taken as a very serious issue. Christians follow the religion of Christianity. Christianity is a religion that began through Jesus Christ. According to Christians Jesus Christ is said to be the son of God and so therefore is part of the Trinity. ...read more.


Muslims believe that with out belief in life after death the world would be a horrible place and there would be no restraint or control on what we do. Belief in life after death has a tremendous influence on a person's life because they believe that God is watching all his actions and he will have to account for them on the day of judgement. Therefore that person will always behave in an appropriate fashion so that he does not disobey God. A description of what will happen on the day of judgement can be found in the Qu'ran; "When the sky is rent assunder... And when the earth is flattened out... Then he who is given his record in his right hand soon will his account be taken by an easy reckoning... But he who is given his record behind his back... Will enter the blazing fire". (84:1-12) From these verses we can see a clear description of what is going to happen on the day of judgement. We can also see how one will be told of his destiny. The reward for all people who obeyed god's laws is that they will live in heaven, a place of eternal happiness and peace. Heaven is said to be beyond our dreams and it is a place were all our needs will be fulfilled with just a click of our fingers. ...read more.


When you are in the purgatory you are said to be tortured with fire. But if their family and friends offer masses, prayers and other acts of devotion, then their stay in purgatory will be decreased so that they can enter heaven faster. Purgatory is very similar to hell the only major difference is that you will be released from purgatory to go in to heaven once you have been punished for your sin. Hell is set to be a place where you spend eternity along with Satan and his daemons, and every one in hell is tortured, in isolation from God, with out any hope, mercy or relief. Hell is set be for all the people a sin which has not been forgiven or they have rejected God. This was what would happen when Particular Judgement is going to take place. But Christians believe that Jesus Christ will return to the earth and he will conduct a Final Judgement, which can also be described as the day of judgement. When this judgement takes place all people already in heaven and hell will remain there but the people in purgatory will be sent to heaven. The bodies and souls of all the dead will also reunite. All the people who will be alive at this time will die and their souls will be judged and they will be sent to heaven, purgatory or hell. Feraz Ashraf EPR PSC 1 ...read more.

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