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IN this essay I intend to discuss what a creed is, the meaning of it, and how it is used among Christians in their daily life

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A creed is a statement of belief, which states the main beliefs of Christianity and what they have in common. Creeds show how Christianity is different from other faiths. The Apostles and the Nicene Creed are the two creeds most widely used by Christians. The church first used the Apostles' Creed in the 4th century. This creed is based on an earlier statement of faith called the old roman creed. The Apostles did not write the Apostles creed. The creed gets its name because it sums up the most important teachings of the Apostles. It was written to help people memorise the basic beliefs of Christianity. The Niece creed is was written by the church council in order to settle a controversy concerning the persons of the trinity and to oppose the teaching of heretics. ...read more.


The three parts of the one god are:- 1) God the father; the creator of heaven and earth who he gives life to all creatures who live in heaven and earth. 2) God the son; the redeemer 3) God the Holy Spirit; the part of God which works with people in the world. The apostles creed explains that Jesus is the second person of the trinity. Jesus is god son therefore Jesus is both human and truly divine. Jesus is the Christ who was chosen by god to lead people back to god and to establish the kingdom of god on earth. According to the apostles creed, Jesus was 'conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary' becoming blood and flesh to live among us and save us from our sins. ...read more.


Forty days after his resurrection Jesus ascended up to heaven. By returning to heaven Jesus was accessible to all and sent the holy spirit of god. As the apostles creed puts it Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead according to the way they have lived by god's rule. The judgement would decide people who would have eternal life and people who would be separated from god forever. AS the apostles creed puts it the church is holy, which means it is dedicated to god and to serving him. The word 'church' means - all the people who follow Jesus teaching and believe in him. The church is the people of god. The word catholic means world -wide. The communions of saints are people who believe in Jesus and follow his teaching including those who are already dead. According to the apostles creed god is a forgiving god. Christians believe in the forgiveness of sins because Jesus' death obtained god's forgiveness. ...read more.

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