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In this essay I will discuss if racial prejudicial exists in London.

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RACISM ESSAY. In this essay I will discuss if racial prejudicial exists in London. I believe now that racism is part of our life, because of my experience and listening t other peoples experiences and now so that "you" could agree with me. Racism began in London during mid-1900 century, when Britons travelled to Africa and bought black people to England to work as slaves. After the black people gained freedom and started to have their own houses and jobs people began being racist because they weren't as fortunate as they are. The second world war has ended and there weren't enough men to lift the country back up to its strength so the British Government started to bring men from ...read more.


Their task was to investigate if Racial Discrimination is involved amongst London's Employers and also focuses in housing as part of the programme "London Tonight" (March 1994). Tundai and Peter had the same qualifications and were both the same age applied for catering that was advertised in the newspaper, Tundai phoned first and asked for the job, the assistant replied politely by saying the job has already been taken but there is a meaning behind her answer because a few minutes later Andrew phoned for the job and the same lady answered but this time she said it is available and took his details, now the lady who replied wasn't being racist verbally but she is being racist subtly. ...read more.


Kriss Akibussi (former Olympic Gold Medallist) went to a posh resturant and was asked if he could afford to pay for the meal he has chosen, they only asked him that because they thought he was poor because he was BLACK. As part of our social Norms is not be racist against other Minorities , therefore overall I believe that even when England had the Social Stratification people weren't as much rude to each other, especially when it comes down to commit suicide for freedom!!! And to sum it up, Martin Luther King said " I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but the content of their heart." (Both Human Beings) By Talal Alfadhli ...read more.

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