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In This Essay I will explain Buddhists and Christians views on life after death. I will explain why they believe in the afterlife through reincarnation (Buddhists) and resurrection (Christians).

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INTRODUCTION In This Essay I will explain Buddhists and Christians views on life after death. I will explain why they believe in the afterlife through reincarnation (Buddhists) and resurrection (Christians). The 3 main views on life after death come from 3 different groups, Secular (non-religious views), Sacred (religious views), and finally humanist views (people who believe only in the human ability). Most people only have one of these two beliefs on life after death. Firstly "...Death is the annihilation of the conscience..." This is trying to get through that there is nothing after death it is the end. The second is "...death is the passage of the mind or soul to another place or dimension..." This means there is an afterlife your soul ends up in a new body or in another dimension (i.e. paradise). PART 1 Firstly I will explain what happens at a Christians funeral. Often when a Christian is near death a priest and rubs the cross on to the person's forehead. The priest does this to comfort the dying person and let them know their sins have been forgiven, This is also usually the time when they have their last communion. Christian funerals are usually sad events although they're maybe a party to celebrate the person's life afterwards. The deceased is usually dressed in the clothes they have requested (before they died!) ...read more.


A lot of people who have died and been brought back to life report an experience that is pretty consistent as many other people have reported a similar experience. It usually begins with them floating down a dark tunnel then out of nowhere a very bright light appears they continue to float towards the light and when they reach the end of it many people report seeing a park. Some people have reported seeing relatives there who are dead they asked the people whether they were ready to join them this is when they said no and returned to their body. This could prove as evidence that there is an afterlife because if a lot of people have reported experiencing the same sort of thing Christians, Jews and Muslims could say that this was of obviously paradise. People could also say that if the people said that they were ready to join their relatives they would not have returned to their body but carried on into paradise. Another reason people could use this, as proof of an afterlife is the fact that when you're dead you cannot dream so they must have seen paradise. Also they could say that people that experienced nothing could have been judged to go hell. Finally I will explain why religious people SHOULD NOT fear death. ...read more.


I think they possibly are real since some of the theories scientists have come up with are stupid and also how come lots of people have reported the same sort of experience. I personally believe in an afterlife but I do not think there is a heaven or hell or that we will come back in a new body but with the same soul. I believe spiritualists I think ghosts exist and I believe that it would be possible to contact me when I'm dead, though I believe whugi boards work I would never, ever use one! I would like to have a non-religious funeral after researching what sort of funerals some people have! I would prefer to be cremated because I would hate to be buried and be eat by bugs and maggots. I hope I will be reincarnated when I die because I have always wanted to be a dolphin or a dog but the one problem is I could be brought back as something nasty like a slug or a snail! I think death is the passage to the spirit world so I would have to agree with this statement "...death is the passage of the soul or mind to another place or dimension...". I believe that we may be ghosts when we die because there is quite a lot of evidence in favour of the theory that there are ghosts and I also know someone who has experienced a poltergeist first hand! BY THOMAS WOODALL 9B ...read more.

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