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In this essay I will explain how Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and his suffering, death, and resurrection, as presented in Mark's gospel, are important to Christians today.

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In this essay I will explain how Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and his suffering, death, and resurrection, as presented in Mark's gospel, are important to Christians today. Marks Gospel begins with the words 'this is the Good News about Jesus Christ the Son of God'. The coming of Jesus Christ was Good news because it meant freeing people from sin. As Christians, we believe that God has a plan and that the death of Jesus was for the benefit of humankind. Jesus said he had to suffer and die, as he had been sent on a mission of self-sacrifice. He hadn't come to change people, he had come to help them and serve the lord. He knew when he came he was going to sacrifice his life to benefit people. Mk 10:41-45 Jesus relieved pain and he removed suffering. He did this when other people wouldn't, and even did this more than other people. An example of this is when he saved Jairus' Daughter. ...read more.


This story shows an example of self-sacrifice, as she gave all that she could, without putting herself ahead of others, unlike the rich men to whom the money they offered was but a measly amount. Jesus was trying to teach people about these types of sacrifice. Although self-sacrifice is hard, Jesus did more than his best to do Gods work. And it was hard for him- "Father" he prayed, "my Father! All things are possible for you. Take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet not what I want, but what you want." Mk 14:36-37. This quote shows us that Jesus was still human like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us may have done, Jesus did not try to escape death, and accepted it. He was spreading the word to the people and stuck by his beliefs and what God wanted. Many would not go on like Jesus knowing how they would die, but Jesus did it because he would be crucified for his beliefs. ...read more.


To follow Jesus, our own Self sacrifice can be in many forms and in many different difficulties, yet, even the least enthusiastic Christian is fully capable of helping one and other, be it holding a ladder for someone for a couple of minutes, or just asking someone if they think what you are to do is sensible beforehand, we should be ready to give up some of our time and/or effort for others as, when we are in the same situation, we would want them to help, and by doing this, we are nearing Jesus dream of a perfect world of peace on Earth. Jesus was a saviour, sent by God to save humankind from suffering, sin and unholy death. We are safe in knowing now after Jesus suffered, died, and resurrected, that we can look forward to life in Gods kingdom with Jesus and be free from the pain and suffering of our own lives. A.M.D.G. Joe Morrison Year 10: R.E. Coursework 2. ...read more.

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