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In what way might christianity help people who are suffering?

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In what ways might the religion you have studied help people who are suffering? In Christianity the suffering, the hardships and the pain the Christians endure are all part of the great plan and reason of life. Therefore, Christians have to try to cope with all this however, it easier said than done. To make life easier, Christians have to think of the great award they will get in heaven if they cope with all that. However, not everyone can deal with the suffering because of certain conditions. Therefore, there are special organisations that help these suffering people. Christians create these organisations because they have put their Christian believe into action. ...read more.


Unfortunately, Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997 at the age of 87. Her spirit of giving inspired many to follow her that's why she is one of the best examples of how to put the belief into action. Another person who has put his beliefs into action was Martin Luther King (born on January the 15th in Atlanta). He, a black American Christian, believed that God created black people and white people equally. His evidence was that all humans were made 'in the image and likeness of God'. Because of this, Martin Luther King worked towards equality by organising non-violent protests. His main idea was that it was never right to use violence, because this does not express the love of God, it expresses just hatred. ...read more.


At the times of disasters The Salvation Army provides an emergency support service, alongside police, fire and ambulance workers. When there is a major incident The Salvation Army will usually be found, standing by with mobile canteens to support the rescuers and bring comfort to survivors This means that The Salvation Army tries to be wherever it can to help people who suffer. Lots of people sit at home and wonder what they can do they get very angry at the state of the world and see a lot of abuses going on. However, if they really want to help there are a lot of organisations that need help and support so these people can go to them, because everyone has a right to live, to have families, to work and to be happy, peaceful and joyful. ...read more.

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