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In what ways does the belief in the Resurrection of Jesus affect a Christian's actions in worship and everyday life

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In what ways does the belief in the Resurrection of Jesus affect a Christian's actions in worship and everyday life? The belief in the resurrection of Jesus affects a Christian's actions in worship and everyday life in many ways. One way is that in Christianity the cross is a symbol of Jesus' resurrection to eternal life and of his promise of salvation to Christian believers. Therefore, Christians often wear a necklace with the symbol of a cross to mark this event. Since New Testament times, the day for worship of Christians has been Sunday, in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus. Sunday is traditionally a day of rest. Additionally, Christian funerals celebrate the death of victims as they are entering a passage into an after life. They believe that death is not the end because Jesus was resurrected. ...read more.


(Nicene Creed) Christians believe that they should care for the dying and that they can always look for signs of new life breaking in on any "bad" experience. The Hospice Movement aims to seek the best quality of life for patients with terminal illness, to care for the whole family both before and after bereavement and to provide a dignified way of death. The Catholic Church says that pain is sharing in Christ's passion; 'death has lost it's sting', and people can die knowing that there is something else. Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus and it is the most important festival of the Christian year. Empty crosses are hung up in churches to show that Christ has risen from the dead. ...read more.


The Presbyterian church was one of the buildings most severely damaged as its stained-glass windows were blown out. However, some of the pieces of missing glass could not be restored. The shattered pieces of glass which could not be replaced were not wasted. They built a new window representing the Resurrection, an expression of hope. After three years, there was another bomb in the town which again blew out several windows, including the resurrection window. There were discussions about what would happened now and the minister, Gordon Gray, said, "It will be the first to be replaced." Therefore, today the church has a second resurrection window. This is what the Resurrection means to Christians, not something that happened two thousand years ago but something which offers power to overcome evil. To a Christian the resurrection means that when evil has done its worst, God can still create something beautiful out of the ruins. ...read more.

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