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"In what ways does the Resurrection of Jesus affect a Christians actions in worship and everyday life?"

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Peter Abel The Resurrection - Influence "In what ways does the Resurrection of Jesus affect a Christians actions in worship and everyday life?" The resurrection affects a Christian's actions in everyday life in many ways. Christians believe that death is not the end, therefore they help dying people in the form of hospices. The hospice movement is aimed at seeking the best quality of life for patients with terminal illnesses. They are also aimed a caring for the family, before and after the patient has died, and providing a dignified way of death. However, the hospices are not aimed at curing patients, only caring and helping to, 'Live until you die.' Liz Gamlen works in a hospice, and she believes that they can show, "How we can deal with death and distress, and that most people beyond cure should not be abandoned." ...read more.


This is shown in 1/2 Peter Abel the way that John asks for, 'service sheets printed in blue,' and 'not "died " but "entered into life" please!' this shows that john is both not afraid of dying, and also that he believes in life after death. In some churches are hung empty crosses. Christ was sacrificed on a cross, and an empty cross does not represent death, but hope. This is because an empty cross represents the fact that Jesus overcame death. Every Sunday, Christians recite the Creed in church. The name creed is derived from Latin, and means 'I believe'. This is what Christians say to back up their beliefs concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus. ...read more.


At Mass on Easter Sunday, the day of the Resurrection of Jesus, the 2/2 Peter Abel bishop wears gold vestments, and the flowers are mainly yellow and gold. This is because Jesus rose at sunrise, and the church is trying to recreate sunrise with the use of bright colors. Also, there are many candles in the church. In the congregation, the young people of the church light wicks from a main candle and from that the light spreads through the entire congregation. This represents the light that Jesus brought to the world. The hymns sung during the Easter service also represent the light that Jesus brought to the world, for example, "you bring the light into those darkness." Another example is, "Death has lost its sting." This links in with the way that Christians behave at funeral services, and shows that Christians believe that death is not the end. 3/2 ...read more.

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