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In what ways might Christian teachings help people who are suffering?

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In What Ways Might Christian Teachings Help People who are Suffering? Christ himself suffered, 'Christ's suffering had a purpose' John 19.30. So when Christians say that God leaves them at their time of suffering they must remember that in Christ's last hour he shouted, 'Eloi, Eloi lema sabachthani?' which means, 'My god, my God, why did you abandon me?' Though we know that God did not abandon Christ, maybe that was Christ's human side showing through. Maybe, some Christians would say, to let us know that even God himself suffers. Knowing this could comfort Christians in their own times of suffering. Suffering can bring out our best in times of disaster, the constant support of friends and financial support. ...read more.


Though it is many Christian's beliefs, that by patiently enduring, or doing good in times of suffering the value of being Christians really shines through. In the faith they have that sustains them in suffering and in the love they show towards those who suffer. People also believe that suffering also makes us appreciative, everyone receives so many good things in this life that it is easy for us to become prone to take them for granted, instead of receiving them with gratitude towards God. Also suffering can help people appreciate good health, good friends and a loving family. A good example of how suffering can make one appreciative, is the apostle Paul when he was in prison, 'For you have all shared with me in the ...read more.


The poem 'Footprints' may help people who are going through suffering because it can be applied to all situations. Whatever the reason for someone's suffering they always feel alone, as if God has left them. This poem however gives a completely different explanation for the 'missing prints in the sand'. That is that you are being carried through your suffering, and that you are actually closer to God during those times. Christians also teach that at times of suffering the best thing to do is to prayer. This is why we can say that suffering indeed brings us closer to God. 'Is anyone among you in trouble? He should pray.' James 5:13. We are also told about the power of prayer and how it can help anyone in any situation. Sean Elvidge 11B ...read more.

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