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In your opinion, would it ever be justified for a Christian to approve an abortion?

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In your opinion, would it ever be justified for a Christian to approve an abortion? Christians do not all respond to abortion in the same way. This is because not all potential mothers are in the same situation and, although different denominations take their teachings from the same text, the Bible can be interpreted in different ways, causing differences in the Church's teachings. If a mother's life was at risk if she gave birth to a baby, then there are a number of arguments supporting abortion in this situation. For example, it could be argued that the mother has already started her life and so is more important. Also, the child may feel responsible for the death of their mother. The main two reasons that abortion is said to be acceptable in these circumstances are that if the mother does die, the child will never know their biological mother. The second reason is that it is likely that more people will be affected by the death of the mother than the death of the unborn child, especially if she has other children. ...read more.


The Church of England would accept abortion in this circumstance. My view on abortion in this circumstance is that it is acceptable because the mother may not be in a fit state to deal with pregnancy. If an expectant mother discovers that her child is handicapped, then there are several reasons for aborting the child. For example, the mother may think that the child will not have a very good quality of life, or could be in pain. If there are other children in the family, they may be affected negatively if they get less attention. The mother may be in financial difficulties and may not be able to afford any equipment her child needs. The child may not live for very long, which could be traumatic. Also, the tests that detect disabilities cannot always be one hundred percent accurate and so there is a small chance that a perfectly healthy baby may end up being aborted. On the other hand, a handicapped child is still a life and may fully enjoy their existence. Also, there is the question "What is a serious enough disability to justify an abortion?" ...read more.


In my opinion, a women should not abort a foetus simply because it is inconvenient to have a child, especially since there are so many woman who desperately want children and cannot conceive. However, I would be able to see why some people would agree with or want an abortion in this situation. If a Christian has or approves of an abortion I do not think they are breaking the commandment "Do not kill". Although the foetus is undoubtedly a potential life, some people would say that it is not alive, and therefore cannot be killed. I think that when deliberating the issue of abortion, compassion and forgiveness are more important for Christians than how some Bible quotes have been interpreted as there is no direct guidance on the issue in the holy scriptures. I think a Christian can be a true follower and still approve of abortion because, although faith is defined as 'devotion to a religion entirely, trust in its rituals and belief in its rules', the Church's 'rules' do not always take into account the individual situation. Also, I think that there is a lot more to being a Christian than sharing your Church's view on abortion. Jennie Cade ...read more.

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